Reflections of a Mom's Life

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


by the looks of these adorable faces you wouldn't think they could manage to get themselves into so much trouble! they really are doing BETTER than they were when addison first came home.
praying that i can be consistent and persistent at pointing them towards Christ and encouraging them to make RIGHT choices!!! it's hard work but i'm the only one who will do it so i MUST be faithful!!! it's the calling on my life and how i fear failing them!!! praying that i can be faithful and lean on Him when i just feel like i can't do it or don't have the energy to try!
how i love these boys and long for them to love the things of God!!!


Katy said...

These are GREAT pictures of the boys - are these courtesy of Mimi's new camera??? And you're doing a GREAT job at mothering these boys! The hardest thing is trying to be what all 3 kids need you to be, isn't it? You're doing GREAT!

Linda Williams said...

You know your Mother-in-Love's in your corner! Keep up the hard work....and it IS hard work but these boys are so special and worth every sacrifice you will ever make for them. When you're tired and sleepy that is usually when they will be their worst! I don't know why it is that way. Vonda and Anthony would not even want anything unless I got on the phone....and then guess what! All ---- would break loose! Ha!

Heather said...

Girl...I'm with you on that one! Hopefully we can support each other in the challenge and GIFT of motherhood:)!
Oh...and the pic of Jackson is AWESOME! Where did you take it?

Sheila said...

These pictures make these little boys of yours look so innocent! You guys have great kids and the LORD will help you to raise them to be all that He wants them to be...Hang in there...It will all be worth it!!!!!
Love, Mom

Natalie said...

Brothers? Trouble? No way;) They are so handsome and I know that they are taking in all the wonderful things you are teaching them. It will all be worth it, just cling to Him when it gets rough and you can do it!!!

Vonda said...

Beth, you're a great Mama and the Lord will give you strength to raise your children for Him. Being a Mama is hard work, but I know you'll continue to do great at this incredible high calling of Motherhood.