Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, May 31, 2010

from Addsion

Happy Birthday to ME!!!....

Happy Memorial Day to YOU!!!


She's 2!!!

It's a BIG day here at the Williams' house!!!

Addison is TWO!!!

We have a low key day planned and hope to ENJOY our sweet baby girl this Memorial Day!!! We knew this little girl would fit in perfectly as we waited "oh so patiently" (ha ha) for her to arrive! Never could we have possibly known what joy she would bring to our lives! She is full of life and turning out to be quite the little ham! Her personality is completely irresistible and she loves everyone she meets! She's tough...her brothers have helped her to become so. :) She is FUN. She is always smiling, waving, saying hi, and laughing. We just can't get enough of this little girl!

Krispy Kreme's!!!

the boys are showering her with lots of love and affection...more than she's really in the mood for too! :)

our "miss priss" as Harrison likes to call her. to say this girl is a girly girl is kind of an understatement! this sweetie LOVES to accessorize and play and BE all things girly. :) very fun! (thanks for my new purse Ms. Heather and for my jewelry and shoes Ms. Andrea!)

and thanks for my pretty new dress Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace!!! It's very "me". :)

taking a ride in the play stroller

she loves to buckle,,,over, over, and over again!

serious concentration

we love you SO much Addison!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! :) it's gonna be a FUN day!!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jackson's 5 year old Birthday Party

Still can't hardly believe that my "little J" is FIVE years old now! CRAZY. We we so excited to have an opportunity to celebrate our boy. Turing 5 is a BIG deal. :) We had a party at the park and visited the Fire Station. It was the perfect party for our Jackson!

My mom was able to drive up in time for the party and spend a couple of days...that is always a treat. Mimi and Papa were ALSO able to celebrate with us. How special to have 3 of his grandparents there!!! I have no pictures of Mimi...she was videoing and taking pictures but she WAS there. :)

we had cake and ice cream sundaes!

walking over to the Fire Station

oh how i LOVE this little guy!

checking out the fire truck

these three look like they could be related...all that tan skin! :) we love the Megilligan ladies!

Addison adores Ms. Kristine...she always wants Kristine to hold her

Uncle Ian and Aunt Vonda and the girls sent some pretty cool Star Wars toys. He was SO excited and LOVED them!

everyone was tired so the family shot was a challenge. :)

me and my mommy

Jackson, we LOVE you SO very much. We are so proud of you and the boy you are growing up to be. What a fun party we had!!!

imagination and hope

One of the most poisonous of all Satan's whispers is simply, "Things will never change." That lie kills expectation, trapping our heart forever in the present. To keep desire alive and flourishing, we must renew our vision for what lies ahead. Things will not always be like this. Jesus has promised to ..."make all things new." We will need imagination, we will need hope. (The Sacred Romance)
a friend of mine had this quote on her Facebook Status Update today.

I needed it.

thought maybe you do too...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Easter Pictures...better late than never!

Mimi and Papa brought Harrison home and stayed over for the weekend to be here for Jackson's Birthday party. I made sure we all dressed up in our Easter clothes so we could finally get some pictures of our family! LOVE MY FAMILY! :)

Upwards Awards Ceremony 2010

It was SO good to get our boy back HOME!!! and fun that we got to celebrate that night at the Upwards Awards Ceremony!

can you get over that hair??? I sure can't! the more humid it is, the curlier it gets. I love it though. I imagine she won't one day but I'm gonna love it while it lasts and she's not trying to straighten it. :)

love my boys!

doing airplane with daddy

back to a family of 5!

we LOVE YOU SO MUCH Harrison and we loved that you were able to go for your big trip...but, we were even happier to have you come back home!