Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, June 18, 2012

Swim Team practices have begun...

Swim team practices started this week.  For the last few years we've done swim team thru the YMCA for Harrison.  This year, with Jackson joining the team, it was just too expensive to consider.  We decided to go with the Raleigh Parks and Rec Swim Team and so far the kids are enjoying it.  We practice at the Millbrook Pool 3x a week with 4 Swim Meets for the Season and a Championship Meet in August.  We are the Millbrook Marlins! As we were leaving the first practice the boys were so excited to tell me how much they loved it!  They really DO love swimming and it's so good for them!

Our friends the Barbours and Klicks are on the team as well as a couple kids from the boys school and our neighborhood as well. 

 She's my buddy and helps me cheer for the boys!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

It was an extra specail Father's day to have not only our daddy, the BEST daddy, to celebrate but also Uncle Ian and Papa too!  We spent the morning at church and then came home for a nice lunch out on the back patio.  The weather was gorgeous! 

 absolutely love, LOVE, love my family!
 my sweet nieces!

 here's what happens when you ice the HOT cookie cake.  i knew better...
 Happy Father's Day Papa!!!
I don't have a final shot of the gift but we ordered a print of a tree from Etsy that said "Happy Father's Day 2012" and each of the children, including the grown-up kids, put their thumb prints on one of the branches to be the leaves of the tree.  Papa loved and Mimi did as well! So fun to have Papa at our house this year to celebrate.

We love you Papa!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Carolina's Birthday

After a yummy dinner at the kids favorite place, Golden Corral, we came home to open presents with Carolina and enjoy some time at the pool!  It was a great time celebrating sweet Carolina Grace! 

 so excited to have our family living close by!
 Mimi and Papa with all of their grandblessings!

Carolina Grace turns FOUR!

Today is Carolina Grace's 4th Birthday!  We are so excited that she made it in town just in time to celebrate! :)  We kicked the morning off with birthday donuts!!!

 Harrison played Happy Birthday for Carolina on his guitar! 
A yummy dinner and some time at the pool are in our furture today!
Happy Birthday Carolina Grace!

Friday, June 15, 2012

The Livingston's Arrive!!

We have been SO excited that Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, Ella Rose, Carolina Grace, & Scarlett Rae are moving to North Carolina!!! Yesterday was THE DAY we've been waiting for! They will be living about 40 minutes from us in Apex, NC. We wish it was a bit closer but we will take it! We look forward to lots of fun times and memories made with their sweet family! 

Harrison & Addison ran out to meet Mimi & Papa and the girls!  Jackson had fallen asleep on the couch.  The waiting ALL DAY LONG was so exhausting I guess. :)
 Poor Ella Rose, as soon as she arrived she got emotional.  The reality that she was never going to live in FL again had hit and she was sad for about 2 minutes...then she snapped right out of it.
 Carolina Grace, Addison, & Ella Rose
 Harrison is VERY loved by the girls.  He loves all the attention too!

When Vonda arrived she and I took off to the Home Depot to get the paint and supplies we needed to tackle their Master Bedroom.  Painting was in our futrue!!  We ate a yummy spaghetti dinner and then the kids enjoyed some ice cream sundaes before we headed over to the new house.

The master bedroom at their new house was a very dark chocolate brown and didn't go with what Vonda has planned for their bedroom.  We picked out a very nice light gray and got too work!  Anthony did most of the rolling...Vonda, Ian, and Harrison helped where they could.  I did all the cutting in and work around the trim.  We made a very good team!

Isn't that going to be pretty with her new bedding!!! :)