Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, August 8, 2008

just cute!

for the longest time whenever anthony comes home from being somewhere, work, store, trip, etc..., he opens the garage door and says "does anybody care about their daddy?" he's one for the dramatic...between anthony and i our kids don't stand a chance of not being dramatic!

now when harrison comes in the door he says something about "does anybody care about their kid?" trying to be like daddy.

WELL, today we were out at the mall for a while and when we got home jackson opened the door and said, "does anybody love daddy?" SO CUTE!!!

i love these things the boys pick up to try and be like their daddy! especially the silly and fun side of their daddy! :)


Linda Williams said...

Does anybody love Mimi and Papa!

Mimi and Papa

ps Papa told me to say that.

Vonda said...

Oh I love it! Oh I miss my nephews and my sweet niece that I haven't even met (no I'm not bitter). ;) Don't you love the sweet things they come up with? And yes Anthony get's his love for the dramatic kinda honestly.

Andy and Jen said...

How funny! And we all know there are many more "Anthony-isms" for them to learn!

Jen said...

I'm glad you wrote that one down, he'll laugh at that one day!

Katy said...

poor anthony - he just does NOT get enough attention around there, does he? Hilarious about the boys' comments - they are taking after his flair for the dramatic, for sure!