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Monday, August 11, 2008

accountability - update #1

ok, it's monday. time to review my work-out week.

***this is important to me for accountability and also as a journal to document my progress. i realize it might not be interesting to you so feel free to skip these entries if you want to*** :)

M: Speed Walk 30 min
T: Speed Walk 30 min
W: Off
TH: Speed Walk 30 Min morning and evening
F: Walk 5min, Run 2min, W 5min, R 2min, W 5min, R 1.5min, W 5min, R 30sec, W 5min
S: Off
Su: Walk 5min, Run 2min, W 5min, R 2min, W 5min, R 2min, W 5min, R 2min, W 3min

Food: Ate responsibly all week. Not starving myself, just eating reasonable portions at meals and eating healthy snacks when need be. Nursing, so trying to pay close attention to eating and drinking enough, while not over doing it.

Weight: Lost 7 pounds (WHOOOWHOOOO!!!)

I realize I won't lose that much every week. That's fine. It's was an INCREDIBLE motivational start. I DON'T want to give up now! Was able to wear something to church yesterday that I thought I wouldn't be able to for a while so that was fun. :)

Looking forward to my workouts this week...


Katy said...

You are a ROCK STAR! I'm so glad it was such a successful first week! You are doing great - isn't it fun to have something JUST for you that feels so good to look forward to it? I wonder what our first 5K together will be...:)

Sherri said...

That is awesome - Wow!!!!!!
Go girl go!

I'd like to run a 5K with you too. It's been 8 yrs since my last 5K.

Janet said...

Holy Cow Beth, That's AWESOME!!! We look forward to cheering you on this journey!

Heather said...

WOW!! That's crazy! How jealous am I?? when do I get to go walking with you? So proud of you, my friend:)!

Linda Williams said...

I am so proud of you! I have that photo of yourself on your honeymoon stuck up on the wall....You can do it! I am praying for you every day that you will be encouraged. It is funny how that when you come back from your walking how good you feel when you just thought you could not make it out the door, isn't it!

Mom Williams

Stephens Family News said...

Woo-hoo! You go girl! :o)

By the way, I think you're already looking so pretty these days! :o)

Amanda said...

Beth you are doing so awesome! I can't wait until I am in the losing weight club! I went back in your blog to where you were waiting on the arrivial of Addison to get some encouragement! I am in the same place now you were in a few months ago! I have to remember God's timing not mine!

Adam and Nat said...

Great job Beth! You look great especially in the pool pictures you just posted!

Vonda said...

Yippee! You have motivated me too Beth and I'm looking forward to that 1/2 marathon that we'll be running maybe next year when we return to The States for good. We'll have to find a really good one to get involved in preferably not somewhere too hot or too humid. Hmmm...that rules out the South. So proud of your progress, girl!

Mandy said...

Hey Beth,
You're doing awesome too! Thanks for the encouragement on my blog:) Its hard, but it is always inspirational to see someone else who has made it to their goal. I have a lot more weight to lose than you do, but hopefully we can spur each other on:) Keep up the great work!