Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, August 18, 2008

accountability - update #2

work out week #2

M: walk 5 run 2 - 30 min
T: walk 5 run 2 - 30 min
W: walk 5 run 2 - morning (treadmill) evening (friend) - thought i wouldn't be able to work out at night b/c anthony had a meeting. this was tough, won't do that again.
F: walk 4 run 2 - 30 min
S: walk 4 run 2 - 30 min
Su: OFF - family walk with kids

Food: did well for the week. splurged with friends on thursday night for a ladies night out.

Weight: maintained the loss. bounced back and forth within 2 -4 pounds. i expected that. it was a big loss to start. however, pleasantly surprised that i was back to the original weight loss this morning. (7 pounds)

it was a good week. stayed consistent. going to start a 10 week training schedule this week. been feeling like i need more structure to be able to reach my goal of learning to run for 30 minutes and run a 5K. i'll let you know how it goes this week... i have a few neighbor friend who have decided to join me in this challenge. hopefully we can push each other to reach the goal! :)


Katy said...

WOW! I can't wait to talk with you this afternoon about it - sounds GREAT! Anxious to hear what schedule you're doing. Friday and Saturday sounded great - only walking 4 min between runs - that's GREAT!! Good strides Beth!

Courtney said...

beth - you're doing AWESOME!!! i'm with you now, too. need to get this baby weight off!

Vonda said...

Go proud of keep inspiring me too. I've got aways to go too but I had a good run last night so I'm tickled...let's keep up the exercise! We can do this girl!