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Thursday, August 7, 2008

a visit with mimi & papa - july 29-aug1, 2008

before you think i've lost my mind posting SO MANY pictures (i won't tell you how many or you won't even bother's embarrassing!). i don't like doing those picture slide shows. i plan to have this blog printed into a hard copy, so i have to post the pictures in order for them to download to the program.

with that said, we spent last week with mimi and papa and it was a GRAND time as always! mimi and papa hadn't seen little Addison Grace in what seemed like forever. papa left us the day after we got home from the hospital and mimi left when Addison was 7 days old. they had good reason, another grandbaby was making it's way into the world, but it had just been TOO long since we had seen them so we were so excited to have them come and stay for a few days.

mimi got a new camera. she had worn the other one out and she got some incredible pictures of our time together. these are my favorites out of 854. aren't you glad i didn't try and post them all! :) not going to comment much about them, just keeping it as short and sweet as possible. thanks mimi and papa for the wonderful visit. we can't wait to see you again! :)

i've missed you too mimi!!

it's fun to have mimi to look at while i'm in my car seat!

these boys LOVE their baby sister! i know she loves them too!

this boy is SO CUTE!!! he keeps us laughing around here and he LIVES for that!

do you like my bed mimi? i sure do!
papa, you make the BEST noises!!! do it again!!!

picture time with mimi. she had this girl in a million different settings all posed and smiling! :)
jackson and mommy got a pool date together and it was SO fun. papa came up at the end and took a few pictures!
addison is crying but you do what you can. i LOVE these kids!!!

i know, i'm cute, you can say it! :)

we LOVE the hear harrison read and he's getting so GOOD at it! jackson really likes for harrison to read to him. sweet brothers!

that was the best we could get. we took mimi and papa to see anthony's new office.
aren't these socks SO CUTE!!! she looks like she's wearing shoes! she has more and i'm looking forward to the fall when it's cool enough to try them all out!
squish time with my brother. i think they'll be a lot of this in my lifetime!
sweet girl!
i like having my mimi here to visit!

love this boy!!

she's just absolutely precious!

blowing bubbles...
how sweet is that???? love those eyes!!!

we took Hardee's chicken up to the pool for a picnic and the boys showed off all their water tricks for mimi and papa!

such a show off! :)

these two have so much fun together!!! i love that!

he's always thinking up something he can get in to...wonder what it is he's thinking here???

harrison LOVES the pool and can almost swim one lap. not too long....

look at that face!!!

harrison sure knows how to have a good time! :)
time-out... :(
i know i shouldn't have done that...
"i be a good boy mommy." makes my heart melt!

addison even had her first dip in the pool...leg dip...before we left. i didn't realize how shaded the shallow part of the pool is around dinner time. we're going to have to bring her up their again soon and really let her get a taste of the pool. i have a feeling she's going to love it just like her brothers! :)


Linda Williams said...

Didn't we have a grand time!! That is why those children are called grandchildren.....cuz they are all GRAND! I loved taking every picture we took!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

These are INCREDIBLE, Beth! I can't believe Mimi really thought she was only going to print 40 of them!!! They are great - too many to even comment on...I'll have to save them for our phone chat! So many of Addison's expressions remind me of the boys!

Adam and Nat said...

GREAT pics Beth!

Jen said...

Those are great. Her camera takes awesome photos. Wish we could have been there for chicken by the pool! I bet Addison will love it as much as the boys do!

Sherri said...

Wow - those photos are beautiful. Curious - did she get a Nikon?

Natalie said...

What fantastic pictures. I especially love the one of Harrison and Anthony laughing in the pool.

Ward Blog said...

looks like soooo much fun. btw..addison is ADORABLE!!!!!

Vonda said...

Oh Beth, you can never post too many pictures on this blog because Aunt Vonda thoroughly enjoys looking at all of them. And Carolina Grace has that same green polka dot lamb dress given to us by Heather E. Oh I can't believe how big Addison is getting and the boys looks so comfortable in the pool.

Andy and Jen said...

Lotsa great pics! I love Addison's socks! I would love to have some myself, 'cuz I hate to wear shoes. I wonder if I'd be able to get away with that. :)

Janet said...

I love LOTS of pictures! What wonderful summer memories that you can always look back on! Thanks for sharing!