Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, September 26, 2008


can i just tell you how excited i am that i've made it to today! i've been so busy the past couple of weeks and had so many things to get checked off the list before today! i did it!!! and i CAN'T wait for our trip! we leave tomorrow morning! these are my expectations...

dates with my man
sleeping in (b/c boys are in sleeping bags in Mimi & Papa's room!!! awesome!!!)
no cooking
Magic Kingdom one day
SITTING at the pool
feeding the ducks
driving the golf cart (my favorite thing to do! :))
dancing on the square
Starbucks - white chocolate mocha frappuccino
getting a pedicure
naps if i want!
running with my man
movies at the theater
painting pottery
watching the boys fish
golfing, at least once
ENJOYING my children
playing cards and catching up with good friends
i'm sure there's more...

does this sound like fun or what???? off to pack... we come!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kid's night at Chick-fil-A

Here is Lindsay as a Butterfly and Harrison as Batman. You can't see the two points to his mask because they are under his bangs. BUT, if you'll notice...this is how I like his hair! :)

Look at the cute couple! We love the Megilligan family so if Harrison is ever interested in Lindsay, well we would have ABSOLUTELY NO problem with that! :)

We met the Megilligan family at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday night. It's kid's night and if you buy an adult combo then you get a free kid's meal. Anthony's out of town so it sounded like a GREAT idea. I was SO happy that Janet suggested getting together! I needed some adult time! :) The place was hoppin'! They had face painting, as you can see, and balloons. They practically gave us ALL of the balloons to take home being as they were just going to be popped. I'm not even holding the Megilligan's balloons. :) It was a fun time! The kids kept saying "this is SO fun" every time they would pass our table!

Thanks Brian, Janet, Austin, Lindsay, & Reece for hanging out with us!!! We had a blast!

Oh, I forgot to say, this was Harrison's first time having his face painted. He's never been interested before. I always say, it has to be HIS idea for ANYTHING to sound good to him. In order to get a balloon, you had to have your face painted so I guess that is what sealed the deal for him. He LOVED it. He was SO proud of it! However, on the way home, he realized he wouldn't be able to be Batman forever. He wanted to know if he could keep it on his face for school in the morning. After I broke the news, he was so upset. I convinced him not to cry in the car on the way home, as that would completely ruin his face paint, but after we got home he just moped and moped. At some point, Jackson threw a toy at him and he started bawling! Then he started bawling even more when he realized his paint was coming off! "MOM, look at it! I'll NEVER get to do this again! They'll NEVER be there again!" sob, sob, sob. Pour guy! Who knew he'd be such a fan of the face painting! :)

Hopefully, for his sake, he'll get to have his face painted again soon...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

lambs summary from jackson

this morning we had our Lambs Bible study. it was GREAT as always. when we got in the car i asked Jackson how his class was and this is what he said...

"a big girlie (by big he just means adult) came in us class and her have girlie shoes and her make us sing girlie songs."

i'm guessing they had someone come in and do music with their class and it was probably GREAT. we had a talk about how all the songs that we sing at church we love because they are about Jesus.

he is a mess. i hope he didn't say all of that out loud to his teachers! my goodness!

Happy Birthday Aunt Vonda!!!

We love you Aunt Vonda!!! Hope your day is filled with love, fun, and happiness!!! We miss you SO much!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


I just recently posted about Harrison's 'slick-back' hairdo that he and his daddy worked on one morning that just happened to be picture day morning. You and I are BOTH looking forward to seeing those pictures....

This morning, I went into the bathroom to check on Harrison and this is how I found him...all ready to go. :) He had done it again. He was so proud. I tried to hide my personal feelings about his hairdo and asked if I could take a picture of him! :)

Here it is...THE HAIR!!! By the time he gets home, his hair is fluffy again but I have to wonder..."WHAT ARE PEOPLE THINKING?" I just want everyone to know this is one of those things I'm trying NOT to be a control freak about! He has his own sense of style and he's quite thrilled with this look. Thankfully, it's not an everyday thing and he's cooperative when I DON'T want his hair that way! Oh my sweet boy! It's hard to give these children the freedom to make some of these choices! I'm sure Jackson will be doing his hair and Addison will be wearing mismatched clothes in no time that she's picked out for herself. I guess these are the baby steps of letting go.... :)

He's so cute! He's adorable to me no matter how he chooses to do his hair! I LOVE IT!!! :)

after dedication photo shoot with mimi

We took some pictures of Addison in her bed before her nap on Sunday afternoon. I wish you could see her in her bed, she is SO cute! She immediately throws herself on to her tummy, forceful and fast, and sticks those fingers in her mouth. Out in no time! So cute! I LOVE how she crosses her ankles and how she holds her hands together. She's so dainty! It was fun getting her all dressed up for her big day! :)

Addison's Baby Dedication, September 21, 2008

Isn't she a doll!!! :) 3 1/2 months old

Mommom bought her dress, socks, shoes, and blanket! Addison was dressed in style! :)

The Proud Parents with our Girl!

Andrea and Kristine were so sweet to celebrate Addison's big day with us!

It was a GREAT day! We were able to dedicate our precious baby girl to the Lord and promise to teach her about Him! What a special day! Mimi and Papa were able to come up for the weekend and we had a fabulous time with them as always! My friends Andrea and Kristine brought their children to church with us and we couldn't have been more thrilled! After the service, we headed over to one of our favorites, Golden Corral! It was yummy! Once we got home we tried to get more pictures before it was naps for everyone! It was a wonderful day and I can't thank the Lord enough for these precious children he's given Anthony and I. We are blessed beyond anything I ever dreamed of when we decided to become parents! I'm also so thankful for Providence! We love our church family and are just SO thankful that the Lord led us to Providence!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

she's changing...too soon!

this whole year, prepare yourself, i'm going to be talking a TON about how Addison is growing up too fast. she's the baby of the family and will always be the "baby" but she's not going to be a baby forever! already i feel like she is changing so much.

while each "new" thing is exciting and i love every thing she does, there is always something she's not doing anymore. i'm trying not to be emotional about it but it's not working too well.

her latest change...she REALLY only wants to nap in her bed. i knew it would come. this is an inconvenient change. i'm happy that she loves her bed. i want her to love her bed. she's just not interested in falling asleep in the car without screaming first and she's not big about falling asleep while being held. all GREAT things, she needs her bed. BUT, i can't be at home every time she should be in her bed. oh well.... third child will just have to deal! :) Wed. night after we got home from church, i put her in her bed and she got the biggest smile on her face and started giggling. hilarious! she was so excited to be in her bed. then this morning she took a 2 hour morning nap! she was perfectly content in her comfy, cozy bed.

she's changing. not the little newborn who sleeps on the go any old place. it's just a reminder that she's getting older and i'm not sure i like it too much. :) i think it's because i know how much i've already forgotten with the boys and how FAST it has gone. i'm trying to cherish and i just hope i can fit enough memories in my head to satisfy me for a lifetime. something tells me i won't be able to!

Monday, September 15, 2008

accountability - update #4

Monday - run 15 out of 30 min.
Tuesday - Off
Wednesday - Off
Thursday - run 15 out of 30 min.
Friday - Off
Saturday - started running to see how far i could go. ran 7 tenths of a mile at 7min 30sec. then had to walk/run the rest. ran 16 out of 30 min. distance was 2 miles
Sunday - distance was 3 miles. ran 25 out of 40 min.

now, if i can just continue to get stronger i would be happier. seems like when i start out running and go for as long as i can, i'm pleased with my time b/c i've never run that long before but when i start walking/running again i can only do 2 to 3 min. intervals of running.

i took my measurements a month ago (8/12) and remeasured last night (9/14).
i've lost 1/2 inch in my waist, same in the hips, 1/4 inch chest, 1 1/4 inches in my thighs, 1/2 inch in my calves, 1/2 inch in my arms. 3 total inches overall. weight is still the same. this saturday marked 6 full weeks of consistent exercise. i'm hoping as i approach the 8 week mark i'll start to see more and more differences. i'm at least encouraged. :)

very sore today from the longer that usual workout yesterday. glad it's a rest day today! :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

picture day

today is picture day at Harrison's school. hold that thought...

Harrison loves to do his hair every morning and will wet it and comb it into perfection. today as he was doing his hair, his daddy decided to get in on the fun and helped Harrison slick it back like he does. Harrison wants so much to be like daddy that this seemed like a GREAT idea to him!

after daddy left, i told Harrison how much i loved his hair fluffy, like a boy, and that he didn't need to do his hair like a "man". (trying to influence him to change it, of course!) :) he wouldn't go for it and said he would do his hair like i like tomorrow.

WELL! on the way to school Donovan (we carpool with another family) said he was excited because TODAY is PICTURE DAY!!! Oh my word! i had completely forgotten...something i am doing more and more these days and can't seem to get a handle on it. EVEN THOUGH i have everything written down! not helping all that much! the one day the boys decide to change it up in the hair department, it HAS to be picture day! Mrs. Cheuvront is probably going to think we did his hair that way on purpose because it IS PICTURE DAY!!! OH MY WORD!!!

it should make for an interesting first grade photo! :)

she loves those fingers

this is my girl, all day long. except for when she's "talking" :) i'm fascinated by it. don't know why! and i LOVE it! :) i love how she is so easily comforted. and i love how she holds tightly to things, to my shirt or her she is here, to her play mat.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

a visit with family

My Mom, Nanny, and Granddaddy all came to visit Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday (Sept. 7-9). I LOVED having them! The kids loved seeing them and having all the extra attention. Granddaddy did lots of Sudoku puzzles with my Mom and Nanny made us a cake. She's been taking cake decorating classes and made us a clown cake that was adorable AND delicious! Jackson had fun helping her! I love the photo where you can see their heads close together and Jackson is helping to put the clown head on the body of the clown. We loved our time together and look forward to seeing them again in Oct. when we go to visit in VA! :) I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Harrison, my Mom, and Anthony! Oh well! :)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

jumping jumperoo

can you believe she's big enough for this??? my neighbor Kristine was so kind to let us borrow the jumperoo! Addison is gonna have a lot of fun in this, i can tell! she's just ready for it much sooner than i expected! she's SO STRONG!!! :) i lover her little foot in the picture to the right and the giggle on her face!!

i'm playin' in the rain, just playin' in the rain...

it was raining outside when we got home from taking harrison to school. the PLAN was to go for a run with my neighbor and borrow her double jogging stroller. i felt it wouldn't be kind to the kids to insist on running while they get soaked!

however, jackson was begging to play in the rain and since there was no thunder or lightening it seemed like a fun idea. taylor and jack who live across the street had the same idea. she and jackson looked so cute in their rain boots and had a blast splashing in the street!

i captured a bit of it on video....