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Sunday, August 31, 2008

unexpected house guest

Natalie called me in church today. As my phone was vibrating I thought, "Wonder if she's over near the nursery and something is wrong with, they would call my phone, she wouldn't." "Oh, she's pregnant and maybe there is something wrong concerning the pregnancy. Maybe she needs me to watch Greta...I better answer."
Well, she did have a favor to ask of me but thankfully everything was alright with the pregnancy! Her sweet Grandmother (Bridgette's and Gretchen's grandmother as well) was stranded here in Raleigh. Grandma Batten has the wonderful privilege of flying standby on Delta. As we chatted about, most of the time flying stand-by works beautifully. You really do seem to be able to squeeze on a plane without much trouble. However, there are THOSE times where it doesn't quite work out as planned. (mom, vonda, remember PARIS!!! and SPAIN!!!! those are some memories!)
Well, Grandma is headed to Vienna, Austria (her homeland) from Alaska for a couple months visit. She got stuck in Utah for one night and then stuck in Atlanta after that. She was told she would have to overnight in Atlanta for two more nights until the next flight to Vienna would be available. She decided to hop on a plane to Raleigh to visit her granddaughter Natalie. After the cab driver took her to Natalie's she realized Natalie and Adam were not home. Come to find out they were in Charlotte. OH NO!!! So, once the family found out where she was and the predicament she was in, Natalie called me and asked if we would rescue Grandma and let her stay with us until her flight tomorrow afternoon. Of course we were delighted!!! She has been a joy! The boys think she came to see them personally and have loved every bit of her attention. Addison enjoys being held and cuddled by her as well. Addison couldn't wipe the smile off her face, she loved Grandma B! Grandma Batten joined us for our neighborhood cookout today and helped me prepare the food....such a sweetie! The neighbors loved her!!!
It's been unexpected and wonderful. We are so happy to spend this time with her and I'm excited to see her again! I haven't seen her since Bridgette's wedding in 2000 and she's just as sweet as she's always been. What a joy to have Grandma Batten with us!!!


Kale Family News said...

I am so thankful to our Lord for you Beth for helping us out. I was worried about my mom being stranded in Raleigh with no Natalie. Especially after I spoke with her at 1:00 am in Raleigh and she said she hears motors running all the time. I thought she must be at a truck stop. May our heavenly Father bless you ten-fold for going out of your way. With love, Kathe Kale PS Addison is a doll and I love to read your blog. So creative and fantastic photos!

Vonda said...

Wow an international visitor! That's awesome Bridgette's Grandmother was able to stay with y'all...funny how the boys thought she came to visit them. I'm sure she had a ball but she may be kinda tired huh? :) Lots of activity in the Williams family!

Bridgette said...

Beth! What a great treat to talk with you and with G-ma B. That is too funny how the whole thing played out. Thanks for being willing! And if Nanny or Mummum are ever in Boise, you know who to call!!!:) Haha...I crack myself up. Love ya, B~

Adam and Nat said...

Too funny Beth! Oh, my crazy grandma trying to "surprise" us at 1:00 in the morning. I am SO glad you guys were there to take care of her. Thank you so much!

Katy said...

This story just cracked me up when you told me about it! I'm sure the boys loved having another grandma there to dote on them! :) What fun!

Linda Williams said...

I am so thankful that you were home and could help out with another little Grandmother! I know she enjoyed herself with you all.....Who wouldn't? You and Anthony and our little angels are wonderful hosts!

Mimi and Papa