Reflections of a Mom's Life

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

first sick day of first grade

harrison woke up with a fever and headache today. had to keep him home. i HATE that it's his second week of school and already he's missing a day! he doesn't get sick often so i shouldn't complain. it's probably his body getting used to being around all those germs again, trying to fight something off.

praying for a good day with all three and one who is less than feeling his best.


Vonda said...

Poor Harrison...I hate it that he's so sick. I know he is so disappointed that he had to miss school today. Please give him a big hug from us.

Katy said...

Hoping that since you did another post at 12:30, that means everyone is taking a nap! That would be a GOOD thing! :)

Linda Williams said...

I know Harrison hates missing school. He is such a good school boy! Tell him his Mimi and Papa sends love his way......and tell him to share a little love with his brother and sister!

Mimi and Papa