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Thursday, August 21, 2008

little miss scooter poot

where she "should" be

where she "is"

this girl is such a scooter! she MUST be snapped in to wherever she is. left her in the bouncy seat the other day and ran upstairs to get her clothes. came back into my room right as she was about to scoot right onto the floor. smiling, as if she was so proud of what she had done! :)

i am not kidding, it will NOT surprise me at all if she is rolling over in the next couple of weeks. she is so strong and she is already trying to figure the rolling thing out. she's making me think she's more like harrison than just her looks...she may be very mobile...quickly! ahhhh!!! slow down addison, mommy is trying to take all this in and you are moving just way too fast!!!!


Tanya said...

Haha- sorry, but all I can do is laugh! My middle one (Gaby) rolled over at 3 weeks old and from then on. It SO described her personality! She is a monkey and a half and is ALWAYS on the go! She was climbing up slides by age 1and up trees before she turned 2. Crazy, I know! Everybody said that boys were more mobile... but I had to disagree on that one. Well, along came Lucas and he started rolling over at 2 weeks old... James and I couldnt believe our eyes! So far he's pretty active, but not as much as Gaby was and still is at 4 yrs old.
Good luck! Isnt it fun though to see how God created each and everyone of us with such different traits and personalities yet we are all made perfectly in His image. Pricelss!
~I enjoy reading your blog! Blessings!!

Katy said...

Uh-oh! Not another little girl that is a mover and a shaker! Good luck trying to keep her contained!! This is bringing back memories of Callie!! And I LOVE the little green & white striped dress on was one of my favorites! :)

Janet said...

That bedding is so cute! Makes me want to crawl right in there with little Addison. Don't you think us parents should be "tucked in" on occasion? :)

Courtney said...

LOVED that dress of Callie's - so cute! you dress her so adorable - isn't it fun dressing a girl :-)

Jen said...

So funny - watch out momma looks like she will be an early mover.

Vonda said...

Okay it's not fair is it! They just grow up way too fast! Addison is gonna be a mover and a shaker early I believe...ya know that's kind of a Williams trait ya know. She's gonna take after her Mimi and her big Brother Harrison and her cousin Ella Rose...they all have plenty of energy for the rest of us don't they?

Sheila said...

This is totally a picture of you when you were this age... You rolled from one end of the room to the other all the time... This was your way to get around!!! SOOOO Cute!
Love, Mom

Natalie said...

She'll be walking before you know it!

Linda Williams said...

This is just too funny......She said she did not like staying in one spot.....Not enough excitement for her!

Mimi and Papa