Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, August 31, 2007

Making Lines

I was just telling Katy about this the other day. Jackson has started "making lines" with his cars. It's something Harrison used to do and Josiah could be entertained by it for most of the day. Harrison used to get ALL of his cars lined up into almost a big square, making sure everything was aligned correctly. It almost looked like a big car lot with cars lined up bumper to bumper. Jackson is starting out with lines! This form of playing just hasn't happened for Jackson up until now. Most of the time, he's running after his brother, trying to play like a "big" boy and doing things that Harrison didn't have the know how to try at 2 years old! Now that he's home alone, he's starting to play in ways that I remember my Harrison doing when he was Jackson's age! It's so fun to watch! So for now, I'm sure we'll be making lots of lines with cars together during the day! I just love it!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

bits and pieces...

I'm learning that there is very little information given to a mother when she asks "what did you do at school today?"

Today I asked Harrison the same question I ask everyday and as far as I know three things happened:
  1. Carlos spit at Abasi and Abasi spit at Carlos
  2. He used a little too much glue when making his name with beans
  3. He played a version of musical chairs with "hooley hoops" as he says in gym class

I guess I should be thankful I'm getting that much...

The other thing he mentioned is to please NOT send any Granola Bars for snack. There was an Ant on his desk and he believes that Ant appeared because of his Granola Bar.

One more thing I forgot to tell all of you...on Thursday of last week we were getting ready to leave for school and he said, "Mom, can you wear makeup and polish when you take me to school? I don't want anyone to think that woman is a man." How sweet of him to be concerned on my behalf!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jimmy V Celebrity Golf Classic 2007

Here they come! This is the famous 18th hole on Course 2. Anthony said as they got to the tee box, an ESPN reporter informed them that they would be recorded by three different cameras during this hole and interviewed mid-way through. He said he started to worry about it with that much attention! :) It was so funny to see the crowds...who were there for the celebrities of course, but still funny because it completely felt like a "real" tournament (7500 spectators from what we were told!)! I was so proud to be out there following and supporting my man! :)

Anthony putting on the 18th green
A picture with Stone Phillips!
He really was the most down to earth, friendly guy!

Anybody remember President Logan from 24! I was so excited to get a picture with him. He even admitted the enjoyment he got out of playing the "bad" president! :) There were many other celebrities at the tournament but I wasn't interested in athletes and soap stars! I found the two men I was looking for and I'm excited to have pictures to prove it! :)
Anthony's colleague Janice, with President Logan...OK, his real name is Gregory Itzin but I know him as President Logan.
Stone was familiar with this hole and giving pointers, Anthony was glad to have the advice!
a lot of discussion about the best way to handle this hole!

The Stone Phillips Team...Anthony and his clients!
The final score board!
Anthony in front of the statue of Payne Stewart in his winning pose at the 1999 US Open

A group from Ft. Bragg started off the night singing Carolina, God Bless America, and An American Soldier. It was truly an amazing moment and your heart was full for what all the soldiers are doing for us!

All dressed up with a place to go! We had a great time at the Gala and Auction on Saturday night, although we were quite beat afterwards! We are in the phase of life where you eat at 5:30pm and go to bed at 10:30pm! We weren't served dinner until 8pm and weren't back in our room until after midnight! I'm not used to that! It was a wonderful time and so fun to spend it together!

Another place in time...

The Carolina Hotel at Pinehurst
This whole weekend was amazing! As you can see the grounds were gorgeous and the atmosphere was incredible! We had the best time! I was able to walk around and take it all in, relax, go to the spa, have a weekend with Anthony. It was just what I needed! Anthony was able to have two days of incredible world class golf and it was so fun to see him interacting with his clients! He was in his element and I was so proud! This will be a weekend I know we will both remember for a very long time! We are already looking forward to next year! :) If you don't know anything about Pinehurst, check out their website through the link. There is such history at this place and it's truly a golfer's dream!

I spent the afternoon getting a massage and facial! I felt like royalty! That was a real treat! I had to get ready for the Gala! :)

The Holly Inn
There are three hotels on property, The Carolina, The Holly Inn, The Manor Inn, and there are also Villas. We stayed at The Holly Inn and I'm so glad. It was so quaint and absolutely beautiful. It was quieter than the main hotel, The Carolina. I would go and eat breakfast at The Carolina Dining Room in the morning and that place would take you back to another place in time. Did you ever see that movie "Somewhere in Time"? Reminds you of that time period.
The grounds were so lovely and beautifully landscaped!

Our room...just perfect!

A weekend with Mimi & Papa!

With Mimi & Papa in the car, Harrison was quite excited to be picked up from school! Then we headed straight to the pool after Harrison got home from school on Thursday afternoon

Jackson eating his breakfast and then heading over to watch Curious George! He does have a fork but has chosen not to use it! Harrison had already left for school with Papa and Daddy!
Jackson couldn't get enough of the one on one with Mimi & Papa while Harrison was at school! He and Mimi practiced their "shocked" faced and then he read books with Papa! Right before Anthony and I headed off to Pinehurst we ate lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Jackson, Mimi, & Papa. As you can see below, he really enjoys a good buffet! :)
Jackson likes having choices!
Harrison called after school to let us know how his day had been! Such a sweet boy!
Mimi & Papa took the boys to eat at Mimi's Cafe (they couldn't resist because of the name!) Harrison took the picture of Mimi, Papa, & Jackson. Pretty good for a 5 year old!
Harrison making his own PB&J. When Mimi and Papa are around why not sit on the counter to make a sandwich?
Don't peek! Mommy and Daddy brought you something home from our trip...
The boys both got new books from Mommy & Daddy! Harrison got "The ABC's of Golf" and Jackson got "Counting with Golf". Cute books and Daddy wants to get them started out right for their future golf game! I'm pretty sure from all the pictures that they didn't miss us too much! :)