Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve is one of my favorite days. The excitement and anticipation of what is to come is almost as exciting to me as celebrating Christmas with the kids. We had a low key day cooking and playing. Anthony was able to come home early from work too! The only bummer was that Mimi and Papa missed their flight and were going to barely make it to the Christmas Eve service. Thankfully they slipped in just after it started.

We started our own tradition last year of having party food/appetizers after the service for our Christmas Eve dinner. We loved coming home to all our yummy food and to spend some time with Mimi and Papa.

I know we take a lot of pictures but I'm gonna have to do a better job of making sure we get a family photo! I have no Christmas Eve family shot. :(

it was so much fun having Addison enjoy all the fun this year!

we always let the kids open one present on Christmas Eve. Addison opened one from Mommom, Jackson opened his present from Harrison, and Harrison opened one from Ma-maw.

this year I decided since we would be home for Christmas dinner I would make a Birthday Cake for Jesus. I've always wanted to do this but we've never been home to do it...and in VA there are SO many desserts it's hard to justify making ANOTHER cake! :) The kids loved it and I used Nanny's cake recipe to make my Christmas Tree Happy Birthday Jesus cake.

This is kind of sad...we put the boys to bed and then about 15 min. later I remembered that we didn't put the cookies our for Santa! OH NO! I went to get them but Jackson was already OUT! I don't think he realized he missed it but I felt horrible. Harrison wants to believe in Santa SO badly. I think there is part of him that knows it's just a game but doesn't want to give it up! He loves the idea of Santa and he was VERY glad that we came and got him. :) He decorated a few cookies for Santa and put out the milk.

making some food for the Reindeer

Once the kids were in bed...Harrison for the second time...we started getting things ready! I LOVE that part! It is SO MUCH fun to be a parent at Christmas! :) One exciting part of our Christmas this year is that Mimi and Papa were able to be with us! We haven't been with them on a Christmas morning in years...probably since they moved to FL. We always celebrate with them but there is something special about being together ON Christmas. They've been in Germany the past few years with Ian & Vonda and we are so glad they could be. It was nice though to have them this year and the kids were beyond excited that Mimi and Papa could celebrate with us! Thanks Mimi and Papa for making that special effort...and thank you Ian and Vonda, Ella Rose & Carolina Grace for sharing them with us this year!

don't you just love that! so cute!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Cookies & Crafts

The boys were great helpers with the Christmas cookies this year. We always have a good time baking and EATING all the fun holiday treats! :)

I also had picked up a couple of crafts at Michael's to do during our break. We pulled them out one afternoon and enjoyed working on a snow globe for Jackson and Santa's sleigh for Harrison. We did a Gingerbread house the first week of December. I won't make that mistake again. We'll wait until closer to Christmas and I'll take pictures. The boys put it together and my camera wasn't charger or something. The next morning when I woke up it has been completely destroyed. They had eaten it to death. Wish I had a picture to show off their handiwork! :) At least they enjoyed it, right?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

we love it when...

....Nanny and Granddaddy come to town! They drove down for the Christmas program at our church. I was singing and I have very supportive Grandparents! :) Our time with them is always so much fun and relaxing. We went straight to the mall for pictures with Santa and lunch at the food court and then headed home to take it easy. We had lots of yummy food...Nanny taught me how to make her incredible bread...and we played dominos. I love my grandparents and feel so blessed that my children know and love them like they do.

Nanny made a Snowman cake for the boys

It was Anthony's birthday while they were here and we celebrated with Birthday doughnuts!

Our tire was having some trouble and Granddaddy was teaching Harrison how to look for a leak. You can learn a lot from Granddaddy!

The boys putting on a conert

Addison with her babies..."buppy" and Miss Piggy

Nanny bought Jackson this black bear for Christmas and he LOVES that thing. He named him "hockey bear". not really sure why. :)

I don't really like to show off my glasses but we realized as they were getting ready to leave we hadn't taken a picture together. I sure do love my Nanny! and my Granddaddy too!