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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Addison's 2 months check-up

Addison's 2 month visit - this poor girl, if she only knew what was ahead of her. probably better that she doesn't. her brothers didn't do too well at their last check-ups KNOWING what was about to happen!
getting all checked out - Jackson sure enjoyed being able to watch and "assist" :) idea of what is coming!!!

such a good little girl for Dr. Murnane

sacked out!!! 5 shots are tough!!! :(

Addison had her 2 month check-up today! She looks GREAT!! She is 11 lbs 1.9 ounces (70th %tile), 22 7/8 inches (75th %tile). She is growing up so much!!! Dr. Murnane said she looks perfect and we are so thankful she is doing so well. Jackson enjoyed being there to watch and take part in her check-up. Our doctor is so accommodating and really tries to include the siblings which really helps us mom's keep things under control! :)
She had to get 6 vaccinations, 5 shots and 1 oral. I STILL, after three kids, have NOT gotten used to that! It's so pitiful. They are just laying, usually smiling, and before they know it their world has come crashing down! It's the most awful cry and I know all you mom's know what I'm talking about! It's still better than the alternative so I'm committed to getting the kids vaccinated. She got over it rather quickly. Jackson was so precious with her. When the nurse came in and was giving her Tylenol, Jackson asked if she had shots with her. She told him yes and he said, "me love my sister." He knew what was coming! While she was getting her shots, I was holding her hands and he kept patting her head and saying, "it's OK baby Addison, it's OK." Such a sweet boy! He was trying his best to take care of his little sister. I LOVE the fact that Addison will have two older brothers to help look after her! She's zonked out now. My kids always do after shots so I expect a very sleep Addison Grace for the rest of the day!


Jen said...

Poor baby, those are hard days. I love how sympathetic Jackson is. Addison will always have those 2 to look after her, whether she wants it or not! She's a cutie!

Linda Williams said...

Bless her little heart is all I can say.....I am so proud of Jackson that he was sympathetic to her in her time of need. You see, he IS gonna grow up with a special kind of love toward others.

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

Good job Jackson -such a good big brother! all those smiling pictures BEFORE the shots---sooo sad!

Heather said...

Ugh! I always hated watching their world fall apart with the shots! I remember them looking up and looking like...what did I do to deserve this?

Vonda said...

Oh poor Addison...I agree with the Doc...I think she looks perfect too. Oh Beth, Addison is so beautiful, love the dress she is wearing...all decked out to go to the Doctor. And how sweet Jackson was so loving...she is forever going to be protected by her and Anthony will be really glad about that when she starts dating. :)