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Monday, August 25, 2008

it pays to obey

Jackson had the biggest smile on his face the entire time! So fun!

I love his little arm hanging over the wheel! Harrison and daddy driving with NO HANDS!!! Probably not a good idea but fun nonetheless!

I love my three men!!!

Addison and I just hung out with the boys, loving every minute of it!

Anthony's so proud...future golfing buddings he's grooming!

Jackson made a hole in one! He was so excited! Aren't these boys so handsome!

mini golf courses have the most fun spots to pose! ;)

the boys loved hitting the ball in this one hole. it would go down a tube and roll out of the wooden track. very cute!

oops, Harrison lost his ball in the water and had to get another. :) daddy showing off his putting skills.

"hum, i think i should hit it a little to the left this time."

there were two elephants that were good for climbing, one for Jackson and one for daddy too!

afterwards we stopped by McDonald's and the boys bought chicken nuggets and ice cream with their money from Uncle Doyle and Aunt Linda. they loved paying with their "own" money! :)
We were supposed to go to ride go carts and play mini golf on Saturday night. However, the boys had a TERRIBLE day in the area of obedience and our fun plans had to be canceled. This is the part of parenting that is SO hard! We had a big family meeting and some changes are going to be made around here. They are aware of the expectations and we will be trying harder than ever to be consistent.
These boys are such sweet boys, but some behavioral issues are coming out of no where. It seems like you are going along as parents and things are pretty cut and dry. "Don't touch. Please stop. Let's share. Use kind words. Listen carefully." We are still saying all of these things and will be until who knows when. But, something switches along the way and it's hit me like a ton of bricks. So many issues we are dealing with right now are heart issues. They are deep and the answers and punishments aren't cut and dry for me. I am so often scared that I'm failing these boys. There is so much "talking" to be done and "correcting" to do but I wonder if I'm really getting to their the heart of their problems. Especially Harrison. He's changing on me. He's becoming more "kid" and his trouble areas mean more and will determine who he becomes. I want so badly for him to "get it" and to make right choices. I want so badly for these kids to always want what God wants and to want it even when they don't get it. Who am I kidding...I don't even do this. I still struggle with knowing what God wants and doing what I know he wants me to do KNOWING all the while what I should do! Sometimes I think my expectations are too much. But I'm going to keep trying, keep praying and keep pushing them in the direction I know is best. and pray that God will hold on to their little hearts and they will start to GET some of the reasons WHY. Why we don't say certain things, act certain ways, react certain ways, love people even when we don't want to, be kind even when we don't want to, tell the truth, obey with a happy heart, trust our parents, look for ways to bless others, love and treat our siblings well.... I could go on and on. Harrison is questioning these things and I don't always feel like I have the answers. Don't always feel like the answer is good enough for him. Just praying I can point them to scripture and discipline them in love. That they will always know their parents LOVE them and want what is best for them.
Anyway, Sunday some changes were made. They worked hard to obey. Anthony and I were thrilled to take them to ride go-carts and play mini golf. They were kind and loving. Harrison waited patiently for his brother to go first and didn't complain...something I know he had to work very hard in his spirit to do. They were a joy and we had a blast as a family. Oh how I wish it could always be that way! It was a great day and we're moving in the right direction. Gonna take each day at a time...


Janet said...

What a fun family outing!! Thanks for sharing your heart as well, Beth. Truly our children put us on our knees - before the Lord - often. What a blessing for all of us Moms and Dads to walk this road together. Your kids are blessed to have you both as parents and blessed to have a God that loves them even more!

Sheila said...

Something told me to check the blog tonight even though I checked it earlier today...So glad I did! I want to cheer you and Anthony on in your journey of parenting. You have wonderful kids and they have Godly parents that parent on their knees and thru example. Praise God for the special days like you had on Sunday! The difficult days keep us on our knees and the good days keep our hands lifted high in thanksgiving to the Lord for His faithfulness and help along the way! Just when we think they don't get it... God reminds us that they are getting it and we are not to get weary but to be encouraged and to keep our eyes on the goal!
Love, Mom

Vonda said...

Amen Sheila! I love what your Mama just wrote in encouraging you, Beth...what words of wisdom! You and Anthony ARE great parents and Harrison, Jackson, and Addison are so very blessed to have y'all. I believe the biggest thing that will help us as parents is PRAYER. I know I saw my own Mama on her knees may times when I was a child and I remember seeing my Grandmother on her knees too...they were both probably praying for Anthony and I and I am now humbled as I look back on that knowing now how much they loved us and how INTENTIONAL they were in praying for our future. Beth, you are not in this alone either have lots of family and friends who will also speak TRUTH and encouragement over your childrens lives and love them too. I adore my nephews and I know they are going to grow up to be fine young men who love the Lord. Loved the pics of the gocarting and putt-putt...the pix of Jackson standing there thinking about his shot cracked me out Tiger Woods!

Andy and Jen said...

I know what you mean - it's so hard to find the right answers to some of those questions, but God will definitely give you what you need when you need it. You've got a great, solid family Beth. Those boys are gonna grow up to be strong in their faith - I'm sure of it!

Jen said...

Isn't this parenting thing hard? and it is so continuos! I think we all have been and are where you are at. God knows the efforts we as parents make and if our hearts are in the right place, He will bless them. I constantly check myself and question my "strategies" but some things God is just going to have to take care of!! Glad the boys got their treats on Sunday, it is wonderful to reward their hard work!

Katy said...

This is great Beth. This is the truth about parenting - it's just hard. It keeps us humble. It keeps us on our knees, because it's too much and too hard. But we keep trying, can't give up. There's way too much at stake. So glad they were able to get their reward on Sunday - looks very fun (and the boys look adorable in their golfing clothes!)

Linda Williams said...

For sure parenting is not for cowards or the faint of heart! I know God will do for you and Anthony what you cannot do. I pray on a daily basis for all 5 of you that God will give you and Anthony strength to be loving parents, patient til they get it and persistent. I know they will rise up to call you "blessed" one day. It will not be tommorrow but you just wait and be patient and it will come. Good going! And yes, you and Anthony have the right idea.....reward for right....There are too many times that parents have to condem the wrong doing so much that they forget to reward them for the good things they do. I agree with your Mom.....about everything she said. It will seem like tommorrow they will all be gone with lives and families of their own. You are raising little men and women.
Keep up the good work! And keep the prayers going......You will be so glad you did!

Mimi and Papa