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Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Trip to VA Part 4 - BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!

One of the big reasons we spent last week in VA (July 22-July 27) was because so many cousins were celebrating their birthday's. Baylee and Savannah had a party planned for Saturday and Grant and Emma had one planned for Sunday. So we decided to make a whole week of fun out of these birthday's and visit some friends while we were at it. It was Harrison's last week before starting first grade so we tried to make the most of our time in VA!

Baylee and Savannah's birthday party was at Ocean Breeze. You will notice that there aren't any pictures of the kid's playing in the water. Last year I dropped my camera in the water and broke it so Anthony was pretty clear that I needed to just keep the camera away from the water this year! ;)

mamaw and addison

grace and savannah! almost 1!!!

uncle tom and harrison

baylee!!! the big three year old!

their beautiful and more importantly yummy cake!

Emma, Janet, Mandi, & Ashlynn

anthony being silly...or serious??? must be silly, when is he EVER serious!!!

such a sweet girl!!

wow!! that is some good cake, right savannah??? ;)
jackson had played so hard that he willingly came and took a break! :)
grace, baylee, and tom
it was a fun party at ocean breeze again this year! the kids had so much fun and addison did so well! she enjoyed lounging in the cabana! maybe it's because i'm so tired these days but her little life sounds so enjoyable to me....lots of naps!!! ;)
On Sunday we enjoyed lunch at Moe's with the Schrodt Family and then headed to mom's for Grant's and Emma's birthday party. It was a lot of fun! Lots of yummy food and swimming.

nanny and addison

grant (8) and emma (5) - Happy Birthday!!!

grant had a sponge bob cake and emma had a princess cake
it was such a fun week and i know we won't forget it! how thankful we are for our family and friends!!! we are SO BLESSED!


Katy said...

What fun parties! Grace's girls have gotten so big I can't hardly believe it. I know you enjoyed getting to be here for all the parties - you got enough cake to last you a while, right? WE LOVED having you - come back again soon! :)

Jen said...

Phew...that's a lot of partying! SO fun that ya'll can pop up for special days like that. I bet the boys have been tired this week from all that fun last week. Sure am glad Addison loves the beach and water cause she better be making her way up to Va Beach a lot!

Vonda said...

Okay you party animals so glad y'all had such a great time at Baylee, Savannah's, Grant's and Emma's party...I betcha y'all are tired but let me just tell ya I am starving for a piece of cake right now. And I think I noticed in that last pix that Harrison is trying to help Emma blow out the candles. :) And Moe's with the Schrodt's...nope not fair...we LOVE MOES and there is not anything even close to MOE'S over here in Germany. We want to come home!!! boo hoo! So glad y'all had another great week in VA!