Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, July 31, 2009

out with the ladies

Beth, Janet, Grace, Christi, & Amy

Janet, Grace, & Beth

while we were in VA, i got to go out one night with my sisters and a couple of Grace's friends. the restaurant we went to was in Norfolk and it was DELICIOUS!!! OH MY WORD! Luna Maya is a MUST for all you VA peeps! a little higher end, local Mexican place and it seriously was one of the best burritos i've ever had in my life! seriously. i don't joke about food. :) and their guacamole IS the best i've ever had. seriously. i think Anthony was a little bummed not to be going but i'll make sure to take him next time we're in town. i brought him back some guacamole and chips and he was very grateful! :)

it was fun to get out "just the girls". we don't get to do that very often and we just had the best time chatting, laughing, eating, and just enjoying each other! we didn't even leave the house until 7:30pm. such a change of pace for me! it was a lot of fun! i love my sisters and i'm so thankful for them!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ocean Breeze - Baylee and Savannah's party

this past weekend (July 25th) we celebrated our nieces birthday's at Ocean Breeze Waterpark in VA Beach, VA. it's the third year that they've done this and we love it! it truly is a fun party! Baylee turned 4 on the 26th and Savannah will be 2 on August 15th.

the party was a Pinkalicious theme so my mom made hair bows and bought the girls matching cutie patootie PINK swimsuits. now, EVERYONE who's been at the pool with us this summer KNOWS Addison does NOT need anymore swimsuits. this girl has SO many adorable suits thanks to Grace and her hand-me-downs. however, it sure was fun to get another one to dress her up in that matched her cousins! :)

mommy and her girl!

Savannah - the Birthday girl!

Baylee - the other Birthday girl!

Emma and Savannah

Grant, Savannah, & Emma

Baylee and her friend Ali

I didn't take very many pictures this year, as you can see. I think because we were SO busy keeping up with the kids at the water park and also because I dropped my camera in the water at Ocean Breeze a couple of years ago so I tend to be a little more timid in my picture taking at places like that! :) We sure had a blast! They boys were ALL over that park! It was SO special to be there and celebrate our sweet little nieces!

we love when they come to town

here are some more pictures of the fun we had while Mimi and Papa were in town for Harrison's baptism. we LOVE when they come to town! :) we can hardly get enough of them...thankfully they are willing and want to come often!

a yummy dinner...i decided to cook for them. so often they take us out and i realized that it had been such a long time since i had actually cooked them a meal.

playing the piano

i love that smile!

Harrison was helping me get everything ready to make the homemade ice cream. Jackson had gone with Papa and Daddy to Starbucks. Harrison was SO sweet to Addison and let her "help" him. He's such a fabulous big brother!

we headed to the pool that afternoon

poor Addison wasn't feeling well (we didn't know about her bladder infection and urinary tract infection at this time.) she would have NOTHING to do with the pool. she took a rest in my arms, never slept, just lay there looking pitiful. :(

perking up for a minute...

she enjoyed the cookies and cream ice cream!

that night Anthony and I went on a date to a yummy mexican restaurant. while we were away, Mimi played with Addison in her room and took pictures of her playing with her little kitchen that they gave her for her first Christmas. I need to add another piece for her first birthday present but i haven't gotten around to picking it out.

i love this picture! hilarious!

what a sweet our little Addison is!

Mimi with her fans! :)

feeling better

she's been her sweet, adorable, happy self this week.

i have never been more thankful for my contented baby!

we are blessed and i don't want to take that for granted! :)

she goes for her renal ultrasound next Wed. i'll keep you posted...

Monday, July 27, 2009

my little pony - mystery solved

today we were at the pool and our friend Taylor lost one of her mini my little ponies. she brings them wherever she goes and today she had eight with her.

we couldn't find one of them and searched high and low trying to find it before we left. Addison had been playing with them so i felt bad knowing we were probably the last to see it. it was light blue so we figured it was too difficult to see on the bottom of the pool.

we got home from the pool and i fixed lunch, got Addison down for a nap and i did who knows what else before i finally decided it was time to change out of my swimsuit.

can you see where i'm going with this?

i took off my suit and the missing pony hit the floor. now that was a BIG surprise. i would have NEVER thought to look there. clearly i didn't feel it because i had been in my suit for hours at this point. i guess Addison put it in there when she was playing beside me. i know for a fact that i didn't. :) at least i don't remember doing it but you forget a lot of stuff as a mom. i suppose there is a chance.

next came an interesting phone call to make.

"Kristine, I found the'll never guess where..."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

10 days

Addison has had a fever for 10 days. we saw the Dr. last Friday but she checked out fine...other than the fever of course. she's teething (working on 6) so we were hoping that was it, but the fever has remained and been a bit too high for teething.

back to the Dr. this afternoon with 103.5 fever. checked out "fine" again. they decided to catheterize her. THAT was awful for both Addison and mommy! :(

she has a bladder infection. so sad. hopefully now that we know and she's on medication, she will start feeling better.

they will set her up for and ultrasound of her bladder and kidneys and a few other tests in the next week or so because she's so young.

praying she'll check out fine and that she'll be feeling better soon. poor little thing has been at my feet or on my lap for an entire week. QUITE a lot of tears from her too. hoping my little spunky, smiley, happy baby will be feeling more life herself soon!