Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, August 29, 2008

just enough

she has just enough hair for this itsy bitsy bow to hold on to.

isn't she the sweetest little thing!?!?! how did i get so blessed to have this precious little girl be all mine??? i love how she's holding her hands together. she is always doing this. so prim and proper. i never want to forget ANY of this!!!


Christian & Kristin said...

Very cute bow! :o)
What a sweetheart! :o)

Vonda said...

Oh she's such a doll baby...and you know how much I love bows...she is just so precious. Now can you just imagine our big Williams Family Christmas pix with my 2 girls and your Addison all dressed up in bows, ruffles and frills? The boys are gonna so be outnumbered.

Natalie said...

She is such a cutie pie. I love how you're starting the bow early. I always love just a little something to spice up the outfit a bit.

Linda Williams said...

Oh is she not BEAUTIFUL!

I cannot wait to see her on the weekend of her dedication! Oh, is her Mimi gonna have a ball trying to catch all those little moments!

And yes, Vonda is right.....I cannot wait for our next Williams family portrait! Ian and Anthony is just gonna have to "cool" it cuz it just HAS to be done! Ha.

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

She is the CUTEST! Tell her it took Callie 16 months to be able to get a bow in her hair, so she's doing GOOD! :)