Reflections of a Mom's Life

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

One of our favorite parts of Halloween is Anthony carving the pumpkins. The kids help a little but mostly they just want to pick out an elaborate picture and have him make them a pumpkin. They are always so proud of their daddy's handiwork! :)

Here are the boys pumpkins this year...

We always just trick or treat in our neighborhood. There are lots of options out there and our church even puts on a big event but it's so nice to just walk around with a few neighbors and not go anywhere. Our neighborhood is so friendly and we enjoying seeing all the kids we know from the pool or various events and catching up with their parents...even if it's a quick "hey, how are y'all doing?" It is such a blessing to have a nice neighborhood for our children to play!

looks like they are over pictures already and this is one of the first ones!

our friend Taylor

Taylor, Jackson, Donny, Addison, Aidan, Duncan, & Harrison

Aidan and Jackson

Our neighbors really went all out and dressed up. I hope it's not expected of us next year! Anthony is not really the dress up type! :)

Harrison, Donovan, & Jackson - Donny is such a good bud to Harrison!

How can you resist that face? I couldn't. She ate lollipops and chocolate non-stop. :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

taking after the boys...

the girls are taking after the two bigger boys. they are all BIG fans of Mimi and Papa! all three of them wanted her undivided attention and she can't get enough of it!

The Livingston girls come to Raleigh!

Once Ian got orders to Tampa, he had to go to OK for training with the USAF. He's still there. :( So, knowing Vonda and the girls would have so much alone time on their hands we invited them to Raleigh for two weeks...and they came! What a wonderful time we had!! We didn't get as many pictures as one might imagine...with us being Williams' and all...but it was kind of busy. just a little. :)

We had fun though and the boys are still talking about sweet memories they made with their cousins those two weeks. So thankful they aren't in Germany anymore!

Vonda is always so precious and tries to include Addison in on some of the matching! I love it!

Ella Rose is such a sweet girl and filled to the brim with excitement! She knows how to have a good time and LOVES her life! So fun to be around!

Harrison loved reading stories to the girls before bed.

everyone baking cupcakes

Addison had a ball with the girls in the house! She really had been so quiet but when the girls came, who talk extremely well for their ages (Carolina Grace seems months older than Addison because she spends so much time a big sister) Addison started to talking! It was very exciting to see her figure some of that out while they were here.

Mimi and Papa came in so that Mimi could make the drive 12hr drive back to FL with another adult in the car. We all were SO happy she could do that.

the boys wanted to hide and Mimi is great at playing along!

Mimi is all about group pictures, but they just never seem to turn out quite like she hopes they will! :) I wonder why?

Since Halloween was a day away, we let the kids get all dressed in their costumes for pictures and goofing off. They had a ball and we loved seeing them all dressed up!

Addison the Cat

Super Girl, Batman, & Robin

trying for another group shot...

Carolina Grace as Tigger

can't wait have them all visit again...and bring Ian too!

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Cupcake Shoppe

i think i look just a tad too excited about my strawberry cupcake with strawberry icing. it was good though! :)

Vonda and I were able to slip away one evening with my friend Janet for a girls treat. We went to The Cupcake Shoppe in dowtown Raleigh. It was really fun and a nice chance to talk without the distractions of the kids. The only bummer is that I don't have a picture of Janet. :( I don't know how that happened. Unless she strategically planned it so she wouldn't have to look like us...little piggies...chowing down on our cupcakes! :)

Isn't it fun to get out...just the girls!!

Stoneridge Fall Festival

Another fun thing that we had going on while Vonda and the girls were here was our 1st annual neighborhood fall festival. What a fun time it was! We had a Firetruck, Bouncy House, sack races, hayrides, fun food and lots of fellowship with our incredible neighbors! I hardly saw Harrison, he was on the hayride the entire time. Jackson, Addison, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace just enjoyed playing and eating! Towards the end we had a small bicycle/scooter/wagon/stroller parade....well, it turned into more like a race. So many boys in this neighborhood, it had to be a race!

Here are a few pix! Anthony was helping with the cotton candy and popcorn so I don't have any pictures of him!

the girls don't get juice boxes, can you tell all 3 of them were thrilled with this new exciting discovery!

and snow cones too!

this cracked me up. he's very particular you know. he wrapped his sack around him. that seemed like a much better idea than getting inside some scratchy old sack! can you really blame him?

looking forward to next year! i even won a 10 trip pass to Monkey Joe's in the raffle! how great is that!?!