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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

jackson's potty prayer

jackson: "mom, me need a go poop"

me: "ok let me know when you are finished and i'll wipe you"

jackson: "this really bad poop, a diarrhea"

me: "ok"

a little time passes...

me: "jackson, are you ok"

jackson: "yes, me pray a God. 'God, help me be safe. nevah let me have diarrhea gen'. me pray a God."

me: totally smiling!

I LOVE seeing him pick up on prayer and going to God with his problems at the young age of three....even if they are potty problems. i know God must love seeing the faith of this little child, trusting HIM for help with his daily needs!!! what a sweet boy!!! :)


Katy said...

Bless his little heart. You know God was smiling too!!! Better than the FREAKING out about poop like a certain other boy!! :)

Stephens Family News said...

That is just hysterical! Also, very sweet. Love it! :o)

Adam and Nat said...

That is totally sweet and stinking hilarious. :)

The Hilemans said...

TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!! (and that's what I would have said even if it weren't a poopy post...)

Janet said...

Out of the mouths of babes! That is so cute!

Vonda said...

Oh our little Jackson is something else, and I know God just loves that sweet little boy from head to toe. What a precious boy to pray like that...ya know my Mama used to say to pray about everything so Jackson's Mimi is gonna be proud!

Linda Williams said...

Oh My goodness...........I was smiling so big and almost burst out with such glee right here in the "Puter Room"! You know my Mother used to say to me, "Pray for little will give you faith for bigger things". I know this is such a precious man in the making! And you know, don't you, that is by parents talking about prayer that he has learned at such an ealry age that he can pray to God for ANYTHING! oH, Thank you, God for such a wonderful little nugget to encourage and inspire Beth and Anthony!

Mimi and Papa