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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Our Trip to VA Part 3 - The Beach

look how much Addison LOVES the beach!!

we had her set up just right! no sun was getting on this new baby skin! :)

the kids had SO much fun and the bay is so calm that they can play and we don't have to worry!

beth & katy

callie was so cute!

carter sure enjoyed the beach too!

checking out the dead jellyfish. after it sat there for a few minutes they did what all boys do, started poking holes in it and eventually it was completely cut in half. :)

sweet callie!

jacob's mini pine cone

i could not get one picture of josiah looking my way. he knew i wanted his picture i guess and just wasn't in the mood!

all the boys collected shells for the longest time.

fast asleep with the sound of the ocean and a cool breeze! pure heaven!

we saw a lot of jackson's bum that day!

working together

i had to get picture of katy and i with all of our stuff. i actually feel like we did pretty good packing "light" for 7 kids!

harrison helped keep callie on course. she was checking everything out! :)

katy and i headed to the beach on thursday morning, july 24th, with 7 kids. one might think disaster was in our future but it was the most wonderful time! the weather was cool and breezy and the kids just had the most fun. it is a lot of work to get to the beach but once you are there it's just lots of fun and relaxing. it was a great time of catching up for katy and i and what kid doesn't love the beach??? they had a blast!!! it truly was the most perfect day! :)


Vonda said...

I want to go to the beach too! Y'all looked like y'all had a blast! And Addison was just chilling out...what a little doll baby!!! So glad you had such a great time with your sweet friend, Katy...I know you miss her terribly but I'm sure y'all just had a ball talking. Love all the pics...Jackson is such a hoot walking around with his swim trunks falling down. I remember so many times when Anthony was a little boy, his swim trunks would fall down too but he looked like he could advertise for a Coppertone commercial because he was so tan.

Stephens Family News said...

Looks like you had a great time! :o) Noelle had some great naps under a beach umbrella on our trip this summer too! Gotta love the soothing background noise...

Katy said...

It was the best, wasn't it? All these pictures take me right back to that night - totally soooo great! I laughed out loud at the picture of Jacob & Jackson "working together" on the shells - I think that was ACTUALLY Jacob working at picking up the shells of Jackson's that he knocked over!!!! It was such a FAB day! i loved it!!

Heather said...

I love all the addison pics...priceless! Oh...and Jackson's bum-welcome to Braden's everday life! Harrison and Callie look ADORABLE in the last one...I bet he'll be walking with Addison like that next summer:)