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Monday, August 27, 2007

A weekend with Mimi & Papa!

With Mimi & Papa in the car, Harrison was quite excited to be picked up from school! Then we headed straight to the pool after Harrison got home from school on Thursday afternoon

Jackson eating his breakfast and then heading over to watch Curious George! He does have a fork but has chosen not to use it! Harrison had already left for school with Papa and Daddy!
Jackson couldn't get enough of the one on one with Mimi & Papa while Harrison was at school! He and Mimi practiced their "shocked" faced and then he read books with Papa! Right before Anthony and I headed off to Pinehurst we ate lunch at Sweet Tomatoes with Jackson, Mimi, & Papa. As you can see below, he really enjoys a good buffet! :)
Jackson likes having choices!
Harrison called after school to let us know how his day had been! Such a sweet boy!
Mimi & Papa took the boys to eat at Mimi's Cafe (they couldn't resist because of the name!) Harrison took the picture of Mimi, Papa, & Jackson. Pretty good for a 5 year old!
Harrison making his own PB&J. When Mimi and Papa are around why not sit on the counter to make a sandwich?
Don't peek! Mommy and Daddy brought you something home from our trip...
The boys both got new books from Mommy & Daddy! Harrison got "The ABC's of Golf" and Jackson got "Counting with Golf". Cute books and Daddy wants to get them started out right for their future golf game! I'm pretty sure from all the pictures that they didn't miss us too much! :)


Chad, Bridgette, Emme, & Levi said...

I miss the South's buffets, that's for sure! I love Jackson's plate FULL of food! Too cute.

Vonda said...

Oh doesn't it look like they had a ball with Mimi and Papa over the weekend! Lots of food, fun and smiles!!! And hey making PBJ sandwiches sitting up on the counter is what your supposed to do when Grandparents are around. :) What fun! Love you -V

Jen said...

Sounds like they had more fun then you guys - Mimi and Papa that is! I think Mimi would take time with her boys over a massage any day! Gotta love those grandparents.

Linda Williams said...

Jen, you got that right! Time with these 2 special little gifts from Heaven is just exactly what this Mimi and Papa loves! And yes, Anthony, I probably would NOT have let you sit on the counter making your own PB&J sandwich....But I have grown up now and I realize that it would not have hurt a thing!
Mimi and Papa

Anonymous said...

Beth, I love Linda's comment...
I thought you and Anthony looked like you had an incredible weekend but it also looks like Mimi and Papa had a blast too! The boys apparently got all the spoiling they deserve...with lots of good food, loads of love and attention etc...
Love, Mom

Jessica said...

What an beautiful hotel. Like a step back in time. I'm so glad the boys had a great time with Mimi and Papa. But how could they not? They don't look any worse for the wear :)