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Saturday, May 30, 2009

She's gonna be ONE tomorrow!



Addison turns ONE tomorrow!

i can't believe it.
last year, i went to bed thinking i was gonna have to wait who knows how much longer for my baby girl to arrive. i was three days late and THAT was NOT what i was used to. :) the boys both came 7 days early. needless to say, i wasn't excited about having to wait....

BUT, she was SO worth the wait! there was a little part of me nervous and cautious about whether she really would be a girl. i know it must sound silly but they mess up on those "girl" predictions sometimes and by the time you get to the end of your pregnancy your mind is doing a number on you anyway! we had prayed that God would give us a baby girl and we were SO excited about meeting her.

this year has been amazing. it has been much easier to transition to three children than i thought it would be. we've had our moments...still having moments. i'm a little late most everywhere i go. but, we're still doing all we did before if not more. we haven't slowed down a bit. i guess once you get to this point life just keeps going and you have to go along too.

words cannot express how much FUN it has been to have Addison join our family. the boys bring me such joy and i cannot imagine a life without little boys. truly. BUT, this has been the time of my life being able to enjoy PINK and girlie things and accessories and clothes and hair bows and bloomers and i am having the time of my life!

she is SO sweet. she is so lovable. she is so smiley. she is so happy. she's an awesome sleeper. she's a incredible would not believe what she can put into that tiny petite body. i love her dearly.

so her party is tomorrow. i have gone way over board in my opinion. i never focused on decorations for the boy's parties. there are so many balloons around here you would not believe. streamers. banners. PINK. PINK. PINK. Anthony thinks i've gone completely nuts! :) we are going to have SO MUCH FUN! my Nanny is bringing the most adorable cakes and we can't wait to start celebrating!

most of all...i thank the Lord for these precious children he's given us. oh, how we love them. what a wonderful day tomorrow will be...celebrating our sweet Addison Grace. this year has FLOWN by and i've never wanted life to slow down more than right now. i'm trying to take it all in. Enjoy. Watch. Love. Hug. Kiss. Play. Laugh. Slow down.

my baby girl is almost 1. i can hardly believe it. what fun we are gonna have tomorrow!!!!


Keizers Family said...

Congratulations!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday party for your sweet baby girl! Enjoy!!! Can't wait to see the pics. :o)

Heather Marie said...

Happy birthday sweet baby girl! I remember what those first birthdays feel like and I'm so excited for you!!!

By the way, she shares a birthday with my dad...who is turning 57 today!

Have fun.

heather marie

Amanda said...

I cannot beleive it has been a year either! WOW! I remember thinking last year at this time, Beth is having her little lady, and my little lady will NEVER get here! I was so excited for you, but wanted our girl baby so bad!!

And I also remember thinking what if the doctor is wrong? What if this is another little man?! I mean I would be excited to have either but I am SO excited for some pink!

Amazing where the time has gone! Congrats on the bday girl!!!!

Jen said...

I was thinking about her today. I'm so glad you are experiencing the joy of a little girl. She is certainly a precious little lady and I know she thoroughly enjoyed all the streamers and pink things! Happy Birthday sweet little Addison.

Janet said...

Happy Birthday Addison!! I cannot believe she is one! Her dress was so adorable this morning. I so wish we could have been at her party and I can't wait to see the pictures from this special day!

Courtney said...

happy birthday, addison!!! can't wait to see pics!

Andy and Jen said...

It's hard to believe an entire year has gone by! Happy birthday Addison.

Linda Williams said...

And we DID have a WONDERFUL time with the party.......even if Mimi (with all her hot air) did blow up what was 60 baloons....Yes, I did say 60!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Can't wait to see the pictures of Addison's birthday party! I thought of y'all all day long yesterday and of course we couldn't wait to sing to her too! She is such a beauty and I am so glad I have a niece!