Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, May 11, 2009

an afternoon at Megan's

look at these sweet pea's!



Addison: "let me put my finger in your mouth Bella."
Bella: "OK, but i'm not promising i won't bite it." :)

Mila LOVES being with the baby girls. she is such a good helper!

i probably would have freaked out if kids carried Harrison around when he was this little. Addison and Bella are very used to be bounced around and dangled by their limbs. no biggie. :)

poor Bella...Jackson decided she should wear his camping light. :)

not too long ago, i headed over to Megan's for a little play date. you would have thought it was just for the girls. Jackson and Josiah were busy outside. they have the BEST yard and Jackson could be there all day i'm sure and never come in. lots of room to run and explore! Harrison missed out because he was at school. :( Camden was taking a nap most of the time we were there but when he finally woke up he was as precious as ever. i love that little guys personality. SO SWEET!

i always love being with Megan. she is such a dear friend to me and i'm always so refreshed when i leave. i only drink tea at her house and it's always the best! we sat and talked, i cried (which is not very unusual these days), drank tea, laughed at the little girls, i copied some yummy recipes. it was a great time. i'm ready to do it again.


Megan Penner said...

Oh, Beth! What beautiful pictures!!! I LOVE them!!! Thank you so much for taking them! I miss you so much. :) Thank you for gracing our home.

Katy said...

you'd think that addison would know better than to put her fingers in someone's mouth...surely her brothers have taught her this lesson by now! :)

Vonda said...

Beth, I'm so glad you have such sweet friends and it's always wonderful to visit with a friend especially once you become a Mommy and you don't have as much time to sit and share and drink some tea. It makes those times even that much more special. The pictures of the girls are precious! Oh Bella is a cutie pie too! And I bet Mila just thought she was something else with being such a big helper.