Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, May 18, 2009

the bonnet

my nanny made this bonnet for Addison. yes, i totally know it's fru fru but isn't she the cutest?!?! :) even the way she is standing and smiling at the camera...she is such a ham! :)

my mom has a picture of me in a white bonnet like this and i can just picture it in my mind. this little girl knows she something else, doesn't she! :)


Sherri said...


Sarah had a similar bonnet in bright yellow that her great aunt made.

Andy and Jen said...

That is the cutest picture ever!

Janet said...

That is just TOO CUTE for words!!!

Katy said...

would you look at HER!!! The dress is perfect with it too - is that from Mommom?

Anonymous said...

This is adorable, Beth. I'm sure my husband would highly object if I put it on one of my boys! There are just NO girlie things around the joint and I have an inkling there may not ever be!!! (according to the chinese birth

- Heather Marie

The Wise Family said...

I want one! You can NEVER be too girly!