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Saturday, May 23, 2009

monkey joe's

(we didn't have a "real" party where you get a party room, etc... so we opened gifts in the car. it felt a little strange but the boys thought it was kind of fun. i love these little guys and i LOVE how Addison is peeking over her car seat in both pictures. she is so nosy! can you blame her??? hilarious! :))

for Jackson's birthday, i told him he could take a couple of his best buds to Monkey Joe's. Jack and Caden joined for tons of jumping fun!!! these little guys are friends of his from church and we love them so much...and their families! :) it was a GREAT morning together jumping, jumping, jumping, eating pizza, and more jumping! Sonja, Jack's mommy, was able to bring little Sammy and he had a good time too! Kelly, Caden's mommy, is pregnant right now so we gave her the morning off to spend with her little Caroline. :)

on the way home, i was so zoned out i almost forgot to drop Caden off and then when i realized and got him home Jackson slept through the entire drop off...he was zoned out! we had so much fun and were tired! :) i'm so glad that Jackson has the sweet friends to grow up with! we are blessed! Happy 4th Birthday Jackson!


Janet said...

That looks like SO much fun! Thanks for telling me more about that place today! :)

Vonda said...

I want to go to that place when we come to Raleigh! WHAT FUN! I can just imagine how tired Jackson must have been!

Katy said...

there's a new monkey joe's here that just opened - looksl ike lots of bouncy fun!