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Sunday, May 17, 2009

she finally said it

Addison said "mama" today for the first time!!!

WOO HOO!!! i've been waiting and hoping...she's almost a year old. i was getting worried. not really...but seriously, it's about time!!!!

she says Dada all the time and says it to Anthony. it's clear she knows what she's saying; but no mama!

today as Anthony was getting her out of the car seat to give her to me, she said it. i didn't hear it so i said it didn't count. :)

this afternoon she said it to me 3 different times. not repeated over and over, just simply looks at me and says mama and then gives the sweetest grin!

made my day!!! :)

there is something really special about that word..."mama". i know you know what i'm talking about! :)


Jen said...

The best word in the dictionary! Yeah Addison!

Heather said...

What a great moment...YAY!!

Katy said...

you know she was just holding out so you would be SURE to know that SHE knew exactly what she was saying!!! I love that she giggles about it - she knows she's melting your heart! :)

Linda Williams said...

That IS a sweet sound to a Mother's ears!

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Oh such a sweet word and it's always amazed me that these babies constantly say Da-Da for a good 2-3months before they really say Ma-Ma and here they are with us all day long. But when they finally do say it, it's just enough to melt your heart. YEA ADDISON!