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Monday, May 4, 2009

Addison's FIRST Easter

so i finally got to dress up a baby girl for Easter. i liked it. i think i will ALWAYS like it. :) i know Easter is not about what clothes we wear or how much candy we get or how many eggs we find. my kids know that too. it's important they know the REAL meaning of Easter is not what the Easter bunny brings that morning (or mom and dad in our house) but rather the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! what a glorious day we celebrate as Christians!!! He is ALIVE!

back to the dress part...there are so many fond memories i have of picking out an Easter dress and wearing a shawl, white gloves, white patten leather shoes, etc....when i was growing up. there is something really special about getting all dressed up on a little girl. i loved dressing Addison up and i loved looking at all the little girls dressed up at church this year. i noticed them more this year than ever. Mommom sent the most beautiful dress for sweet Addison Grace and everyone thought she looked beautiful! us especially! :) her shoes are the best. we are loving those cute little things. they help her keep her socks on since she likes to take them off anyways and she gets so many compliments on them. :)

not feeling the photo shoot mom!

it was strange not having Harrison with us on Easter but he was with Mimi and Papa enjoying himself. we knew he was in good hands! i didn't get one picture of me on Easter. i guess that's how it goes as a mom.

our bunny cake

Jackson was very proud! doesn't he look handsome! :)


Sheila said...

It is sooooooo much fun dressing up a girl for Easter... This brings back such fond memories for me! I can see the dresses and ruffle slips, the shoes and tights, hats and gloves as well as hairbows and lovely little purses lined up on the living room sofa waiting for three adorable little girls to happily wear on Easter Morning. I can still smell your hair and see the curls in my mind!!! Enjoy celebrating this Special Day every year! Thanks for posting these pictures for ALL of us to enjoy with you! I never had the joy of dressing a boy for Easter. Jackson looks Soooo handsome in his green vest and you're such a good mommy to make him a Special Cake! I bet it was strange for you to not have Harrison on Easter but I bet Mimi and Papa had a great time showing him off in Florida.
Love, Mom

Janet said...

Those are just the sweetest pictures and I just love her dress! It IS so much fun dressing up a little girl. I'm lucky if I even think to pull out an outfit for myself for Sunday mornings and put any thought into it.

Katy said...

they look adorable of course! i was sad that we didn't get to do a bunny cake with all the chaos and travelling this year. oh well. yours looks very yummy! did addison wear the bonnet at all?

Linda Williams said...

Yes, your Mom is right....and so is Janet......The memories of all those special times are so precious! And yes, sometimes when we get these kids all dressed up and on the way to Church, you wonder if you have all your underwear on!

I am really proud of your Bunny Cake! I was never so creative....I know Jackson loved it! Harrison missed the Bunny Cake and Jackson missed our coloring eggs....When we showed Harrison's easter eggs to Jackson....I thought we were about ready to have to boil and color more eggs! "I want to do some...."

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Oh Addison looks so beautiful! What a doll baby! She looks gorgeous in her Easter dress! Man I wish we lived closer...wouldn't we have a ball going to church, hunting Easter eggs, and eating bunny cake together! Maybe one day...I still remember all those Easters coming up to see you and Anthony at Liberty...the picnics with fried chicken...yum yum!

Vonda said...

Oh and one more thing...JACKSON looks adorable in his little vest. What a cutie patootie! I could just squeeze him!