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Monday, May 18, 2009

go karts and putt putt

Janet and the kids had to go home on Monday afternoon so we spent the morning doing some fun stuff. we headed over to Adventure Landing for a little go kart riding and some putt putt golf. it's just a little place close to where we live but it's GREAT. we had so much fun!

look at Emma waving to us! what a sweetie!

Emma LOVED the go kart...can you tell????

Harrison and Mommy! he wanted to go as fast as possible...i tried not to disappoint!

Austin was watching Grant, Emma, and Addison in case you were wondering why both Janet and I were riding the go karts at the same time. Harrison wanted to ride with me and Jackson wanted to ride with Aunt Janet. :)

I love that little hand!

Austin refused to smile for me. He was too focused!

Grant looks focused too! :)

what a smile!

I love this little guy...he's getting to be SO BIG!

hey sweet girl! :)

Mommy & Harrison

After we finished riding the go karts, we headed over to the putt putt area. I thought Jackson would get very frustrated...he tends to do that when he feels like he's not doing a good job. He did great. He didn't care how many times it took to get the ball in the hole. He just kept hitting until he made it. He never got mad! I was so proud of him. All the cousins enjoyed being together! :)

these two guy love each other so much. and they are SO much alike it's not even funny. when I look at Grant, I imagine that will be Jackson just a few years from now.

every time we would try to get Emma's picture, she'd give us this look. can you tell we were bothering her? :)

Addison just lounged and enjoyed her Puffs

my sister!

Emma was the only one to make a whole in one. and she promised if she made a whole in one she would smile for the camera. that's why we got such a cute picture! :)

love this one!

Addison (10 mo), Jackson (4), Emma (5), Harrison (7), Grant(9), & Austin (12)

We had to fight with them to get the last picture but I'm so glad we did! It turned our GREAT! If only Baylee and Savannah and Grace could have been with us! :) I love that the cousin are so close to each other. They really do love each other and I love that! It was such a wonderful time together!


Andy and Jen said...

Great pictures. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. I can't believe how big Austin is.

Tucker Family said...

how--- it's amazing to me just how much you and your sister look alike. When I was looking through the 1st few pictures of the go-carts, I thought to myself "Wow- Beth went red!" :) Red or Blonde, you look great!!

Katy said...

i LOVE the picture of all the cousins together - how great is that!!! And Emma cracks me up - she looks so grown up in her little bermuda shorts and her hair up like that. so cute!

Jen said...

That looks like a really cool place, kind of like Motor World. Fun cousin time!