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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

camping...Williams and Megilligan style

these two look a bit serious about the map, don't they? :)

spent some time hiking trails

this little guy cracks me up. daily. he brought his canteen, compass, and bug backpack. he was ready for "camping". :)

my boys THRIVE outside, in the woods, on a trail, exploring. i guess that's what boys do! they loved having good friends to explore with.

aren't these two cute! Jackson decided to try on Addison's hat. :) Lindsey was too cute. she was SO excited about snakes, bugs, spiders. i couldn't believe it. at one point her mom and i were talking about how we couldn't believe she loved all those things and she said "i just love God's nature." how sweet is that! :)

waiting for the hot dogs. after we ate, Anthony took the boys on another trail and he said Austin and Harrison just talked and talked and talked. i know Harrison enjoyed being with another boy who loves the outdoors as much as he does. :) Brian and Reese worked on the fire for s'mores, Lindsey pushed Addison in the stroller, and Janet and I looked for wood and sticks to roast our marshmallows! :)

Brian was trying to take a picture of me before this with marshmallow on my chin. s'mores are messy y'all! :)

we had the BEST time at Umstead Park this past Saturday afternoon with the Megilligan's. we love this family and have been wanting to get together as a family for a long time. we finally came up with a plan and it was perfect!

Janet and i laughed that this was probably as close to camping our families will ever get. i do love to hike and be outdoors with the boys but i think sleeping outside is where i have to draw the line. i want my bed...or A BED. :)

and we all hadn't had s'mores in a while...they were SO GOOD!!! thanks Megilligan's, looking forward to the next time! :)


Janet said...

We had such a fun time with you all!! I remember coming home that night just feeling so refreshed (after hiking??) and truly knowing that it was from time spent with such special friends.

Katy said...

I thought it was so funny that both of our families were hiking on Saturday! :) I love it! And I promise you Beth - if I can go camping and love it, you can too! :) I know ya'll had a great time!!!

Jen said...

Now that's the kind of camping I might be able to do!

Adam and Nat said...

How fun! Beth, you are SO pretty with your cute hair, red shirt and SKIN-NY MIN-NY! I got excited thinking you actually went camping, but a day at Umstead sounds like a blast. I think the AK in me would've brought a tent and spent the night..:)

Vonda said...

Oh this looks like so much fun and can you believe I never vistited Umstead Park when I lived in glad y'all had such a great time. The boys so remind me of Anthony when he was that age. He stayed outdoors ALL the time and the pix of Jackson with all his gear is precious! And yum...the Smores look great! Y'all are making some great memories!

carriebebs said...

Beth your kids are just so adorable!!!! You look great too!!! Congrats on your 1/2 marathon. I'm still trying to lose the baby weight!!!

Linda Williams said...

Looks like such fun!

Mimi and Papa