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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Black Band

it was a friday when Harrison returned from FL and friday's are pool days around here. so Jackson, Addison, and I picked Harrison up from the airport and headed straight for the pool. he was very excited to join us!

because of all the swimming he had been doing in FL, he REALLY wanted to try and pass his swim test. once he passed they would give him his black band. this is a necklace that you get to wear at all of the local YMCA pools and it shows the lifeguards that you are able to be in the pool by yourself AND you can do the fun slides.

he had to swim the length of the pool, tread water for 30 seconds, and then jump into the deep end, quickly turn around and swim back to the wall in the deep end.

Harrison did GREAT and passed! ms. emily is one of the lifeguards we see every friday and she was so exicted for him! WOO HOO!! now he can be in the pool without us AND will be able to do all the fun outdoor slides this summer! he is getting SO BIG!!! we are SO PROUD!!! :) and doesn't he look so dark???? he tanned up in that FL sun real quick! :)


Katy said...

i'm so impressed by his newfound bravery!! I wish so badly that our Y's here would do the same's annoying that the kids have to do the swim test EVERY time they come to the pool!

Vonda said...

Yea...I am so proud of Harrison...oh my nephew is growing up fast! Passing a swim test and it just seemed like yesterday that he was a baby! GO HARRISON...AUNT VONDA IS SO PROUD OF HER LITTLE MAN!

Andy and Jen said...

Yay Harrison!! I know how proud and excited Alex was when he did that. Have fun on those slides!!

Sherri said...

Way to go Harrison.

Linda Williams said...

Well Mimi KNOWS how qualified that boy is! He was jumping in the deep end and swimming all over the place in Florida! His Mimi and Papa was so proud of him!

Mimi and Papa

Janet said...

Good Job Harrison!!! That is such a big accomplishment and Lindsey is SO excited that you both have black bands now!!

Natalie said...

Way to go Harrison! So proud of you:)