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Monday, June 1, 2009

two steps at a time

Addison took her first steps today!

She took 2 little steps and then dropped to her knees. She did it two times in a row. I was SO excited!

Later she did it again I think 3 times. It's so cute! I'll try to get it on video tomorrow!

A friend said she must have been holding out until she was officially ONE! I bet that's it! :) I really want her walking. It's cute and all but walking sure will complicate things around here and I'm still getting used to the dog. :)

I do have to say...she is the cutest little thing. Because she is just that, LITTLE...TINY...ITTY kind of looks hilarious to see her taking steps and I bet it will really be strange when she's walking.

Harrison keeps saying "is she really one? she just doesn't look like she's one." I asked him why and he says it's because she's too little.

she is little. :) and she's taking steps. and she's SO CUTE!!!


Janet said...

That is just precious news! What a FUN summer this will be for you guys as your littlest takes off on her own two feet! Precious 'firsts' in these little lives! Thanks for sharing!

Linda Williams said...

She was REALLY waiting for Mimi's birthday! Ha! How exciting but....Beth, you need to start taking a very strong, potent vitamin...Maybe Geritol.....You are gonna need it.....3 Kids and a Dog! My, you are courageous!

Mimi and Papa

Courtney said...


Vonda said...

GO ADDISON! You're gonna keep your Mama running now. (not that she is not already running). You and Carolina Grace are gonna have a ball together at the beach in August. Can't wait to see you again Addison and give you big hugs and kisses!