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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a day trip to see Momma Lou

while Addison and i were on a plane to TX, Anthony was on his way to Charlotte, and the boys, Mimi, & Papa were on there way to see Momma Lou. talk about everyone going in different directions! :)

Mimi and Papa had the FABULOUS idea of taking the boys on a day trip to see their great grandmother. she has recently been put in a nursing home and while we have wanted to get down to see her so badly, it just has not worked out. the boys were so excited to get to go and see their daddy's grandmother and Papa's mommy again! :)

taking flowers to their Great Grandmother

Momma Lou didn't know they were coming, it was a surprise and Mimi said she just cried!

sweet Momma Lou - 85 years old

Papa is always having a good time, no matter what! we all truly LOVE that about Papa! :)

enjoying her favorite, chocolate eclairs

hugs goodbye!

love you Momma Lou

those boys were sacked out! it was a fun filled day!

Mimi and Papa always know how to make everything fun! they took their time on the trip down, ate at multiple restaurants, talked and watched movies...the boys such a wonderful time.

many cute things were said in the car by these adorable boys. Mimi recorded a few for me...isn't she GREAT! :)

From Mimi:

a couple of weeks ago when Papa and I took the boys to see their Great Grandmother in SC we had such a wonderful time really listening to what they had to say.

On the way down there after we had eaten breakfast at IHOP Jackson said, "________ said I'm starving!" I said, "Jackson, who said?" He said "My body says I'm starving!"

On the way down to SC we had seen a very big smoke in the distance and we talked about what it might be burning. Out of the blue Jackson said, "Please Lord....don't let our house burn down."

We then started to talk about trusting Jesus and Jackson said, "Me love Jesus. Me wanta go to Heaven. Barbus gonna take me in a space ship." (Barbus is his imaginary friend)

I am not sure what we were talking about but it was something in the past and Harrison said, "I remember it like it was yesterday!"

Harrison was really intrigued by his Great Grandmother's age (85) and he was trying to get it to be something he could really relate to so he said, "So....Mimi...You and Papa are in the middle, right."
In his little way of saying it...he thought we were middle age. First, Mama Lou, then Papa, then Daddy....but he forgot that he entered into that equation too.

When we were coming back from SC the smoke that we had previously seen came up and Harrison wanted us to look and see if it was still smoking...he said, "Keep your eyes peeled" (Now, that is a southern saying so he must have got that from his southern Mimi)

When we were on our way back he was trying to understand what roads we would take. He had asked his Papa how did he know how to get to SC and back and Papa explained that he had looked at a map. He said we would go the same roads back to NC except in the other direction...So, Harrison said, "Oh, I know....we are driving backwards"

Isn't it precious that she wrote all of these things down so we could remember all their cuteness! What a wonderful Mimi and Papa to drive 12 hours in one day, making sure their grandsons could love on their great grandmother, and make it fun all the way there and back! I'm sure it was the most fun road trip they have taken to date! We love you Mimi and Papa, more than you could ever possibly comprehend!


Heather said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE that she wrote stuff down for you to remember...way to go mimi!!

Sherri said...

Very sweet post. I love the pics of the guys with flowers. Wow, can't you just see them with flowers for their future dates. Oh my.

Katy said...

What a GOOD mimi to write all their little road trip sayings down!!! they look precious bringing their flowers, and i LOVE momma lou's hat!!!!

Linda Williams said...

What a WONDERFUL memory it is for James and Me to have seen these 2 precious boys get to see their Mama Lou! I wish I could have captured the look on her face when she saw them! She just cried and cried and then I looked around and probably 20 people (both residents and staff) were enjoying the moment too. She just talked and talked about how glad she was to see them before they got their drivers license.

Thank you, Beth for letting us take them to see her. It warmed our hearts to read all about the trip on the blog.

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Okay I am getting teary eyed too...I know that meant the world to Mama Lou...I can just hear her now gushing over your sweet boys!

And yes Mimi is THE BEST! I love it that she is so brilliant to write all of these great things that the boys will treasure that so much one day and their wives will too.