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Friday, May 1, 2009

7 days for 7 years

doesn't he look so grown up????

Jackson was DEVASTATED that his brother was leaving for FL without him. he was pitiful and it broke my heart to see him so sad. and it was a hard one to explain. he had started having meltdowns about it a couple weeks before it happened. he couldn't seem to wrap his mind around the fact that he would get to go to FL next.

i feel strongly about them getting their OWN time with Mimi and Papa and their Birthday trip to FL is one of those special times where they can have Mimi and Papa's undivided attention and can make memories together! we have so many times when we're all together. so much of their life is shared and that is good too. there are so many lessons learned by having siblings and sharing. it's the BIG reason i have the boys share a room. it's good for them. it is also good to have some things that are just for YOU. giving them the chance to visit without any of us allows them to build those special memories with their Mimi and Papa. we're thrilled they have the opportunity and that Mimi and Papa WANT them to come. i think they get as excited, if not MORE, than the kids do!!! :)

so, Harrison left for his trip first (April 10-17th). he wanted to stay 7 days because he was 7 years old. makes sense. he also says he will stay 19 days when he is 19 years old. Mimi doesn't want to break it to him that he might not be into that when he's 19 but we'll just have to see... :) Jackson was scheduled to leave a couple weeks later.

Harrison was so sweet to Jackson. as we pulled up to the airport and Jackson's tears started to flow, Harrison said he was embarrassed. i asked him why and he said it was because he was feeling so sad that Jackson was so sad. of course i explained that he didn't need to be embarrassed and that while it was OK for him to go, i was happy that he cared for his brother and his feelings. it broke his heart a little bit to see his brother so sad. :( after i had taken the picture of he and Mimi all ready to go, he got back in the car to give Jackson another hug and kiss. don't get me wrong, it was VERY sad to see Jackson so upset, but it touched me to have the opportunity to see Harrison CARE for his brother. sometimes your kids are with each other so much that all you see is the bickering. it's nice when you see them love on and support each other when it counts!

it was also exciting for me to see how excited Harrison was to go. he could hardly wait to get on that plane! there was a moment when we thought they might not make it. harrison had a confirmed ticket but mimi was flying standby. oh, the joys of standby! there was only one extra seat on the plane and the ticket agents were negative, as usual, about the chance of her making it. harrison could only go if she made it. we're not ready for him to be an unaccompanied traveler! :) they would have had to wait until the next morning to try again.

little Harrison got a bit nervous and ended up falling asleep while they waited at the gate. i bet his stomach was in knots! we prayed and prayed they would make it and Mimi and Harrison had prayed at the gate. the Lord was good to Harrison to answer his prayers and let his Mimi get the very last seat on the plane. they even tried to pull her off at the last minute but then decided they did have an open seat for her after all. whew! i do have to say, standby travel is NEVER dull! :)

Harrison was such a big boy. had to sit in a middle seat all by himself but did amazingly. fell asleep right away and slept the entire flight...his usual in-flight behaviour. that boy loves to sleep on a plane!

more pictures to come of his exciting trip to Mimi and Papa's house...


Bridgette said...

My favorite is Addison's face in her rear view mirror!:)

How sweet of Harrison to be so concerned for his little brother..

Janet said...

I second the picture of Addison in the mirror while Harrison is being so sweet to Jackson. Awesome picture!

Phil, Gretch, and Finn said...

That is great that they get that one on one time with them! Great pic!

Vonda said...

I love it that Harrison enjoys seeing Mimi and Papa so much and isn't it great that Mimi and Papa enjoy their grandbabies so much...that just thrills my heart!

How sad that little Jackson had such a tough time but how precious that Harrison was so concerned about his little brother!

Linda Williams said...

WE LOVE HAVING THOSE BOYS COME TO SEE US! We cannot imagine not having them come to see us!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

you didn't tell me that he had to sit by himself on the plane!!! good thing he is such the seasoned traveler! and i think his logic on one day for every year of his age makes PERFECT sense!