Reflections of a Mom's Life

Saturday, May 23, 2009

sometimes it's good to wait

i got a new swim suit today! WOO HOO!!! have needed one since i lost the weight.

Land's End. GREAT quality. and good price.

went over to Sears this afternoon and they were having a sale and i was able to get TWO!!! totally wasn't expecting that! they were 40% off!!! i couldn't pass it up!

thought about buying it full price a couple of months ago but forced myself to wait.

tried to order one online a couple of weeks ago but it was on back order until the middle of June.

HELLO! i couldn't wait that long! :)

went this afternoon and got TWO!!! WOO HOO!!! i'm so excited!

love the colors, love the new sizes, LOVED the price!

sometimes if you wait for something like a swimsuit they don't have your size by the time the sale comes along. only size 2 or size big. this time it worked out! they had my size AND at the good price!

looking forward to many days at the pool this summer and probably many years in these suits! :)


Heather J said...

where are the pics? ; )

Jen said...

I love those times where waiting completely pays off!

Andy and Jen said...

Yay! Enjoy your new suits!

Vonda said...

2 suits...GO GIRL! I'm sure you are looking good in those too with your skinny self!

Katy said...

yippee - you didn't tell me that! awesome - SO glad you lucked out and were able to get 2!! I miss mine from last year...:( can't wait to see them in person!