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Sunday, May 24, 2009

a visit with the Conrod Family

Jackson, Anthony, Beth, Addison, Harrison, Nandry, Boaz, Nathan, Asher, & Laurel
isn't this a GREAT picture!

last Saturday & Sunday (May 16-17) we got to spend some precious time with this sweet family...the Conrod family! Anthony and Nathan grew up in the same youth group. they are missionaries to Cameroon, Africa and have been home this past year. we were so excited when they told us they would be coming back from FL and would love to pop in and visit! what a great time we had. the kids LOVED their kids! the boys were so excited to have two other boys to play rough with them! ; i think Nandry felt like she had 4 brothers instead of 2...poor girl! :) Addison loved giving all her smiles and making everyone giggle. she's such a social girl!

what a blessing this family is! we were able to sit up after the kids were in bed on Saturday night and Nathan and Laurel were able to just chat with us about their ministry and it was SO neat to here a little bit about what life is like for them in Africa. i loved hearing from them on such a personal level! they will leave again July 4th, Lord willing, for another term and we look forward to hearing all that God is going to do through them! our boys are already asking when we can go to Africa to visit their friends! wouldn't that be fun! :)

Anthony now has 4 good friends serving the Lord through missions and it's been such a blessing to us to be able to see God working in their lives! we feel such a connetion to them because we "know" them and love their sweet families!

pray for Nathan, Laural, Nandry, Boaz, & Asher as they prepare to head back to Cameroon, Africa and work with the Baka. pray for their continued financial support, safety, health, relationships with their team members, schooling and possible tutor for the kids, and most of all for them to start to see some of the fruit of their labor. Nathan put it best when i asked him if they feel like they are seeing "results". they are tilling the fields. they are making them ready for the seeds to be planted and hopeful for the harvest! they have many years of work ahead of them but they are excited about where God has put them and they have a heart for the Baka people! God is doing GREAT things through this family! we love them very much!


Andy and Jen said...

Wow, what a crew!

Vonda said...

Y'all all look GREAT! So glad you were able to spend some good time with your friends. Beautiful family and what a blessing that they are serving God in such a tough place.