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Sunday, May 24, 2009

practice run

went to the lake today. our first time. went to beaver dam. wanted to go to Sandling Beach but there is some e-coli issue.
our church has a baptismal service at a Lake each summer.
we talked about this with Harrison but he was a little concerned about alligators and such. :)
today we headed to the lake for some playing at the beach and practice run.
to see that the Lake is safe and to see that there were no alligators.
Anthony did a practice "dunk". Harrison liked it and wanted to do it again. he was quite comfortable! :)
we went with the Barbours and Cailey asked "Mr. Williams can you baptize me too?" hilarious!
her daddy made sure she knew it wasn't the "real" thing.

it worked. not only did they have a BLAST playing in the water and sand...he is no longer opposed to a baptism at the lake.

i do have to say. the lake made me miss the REAL beach. being a beach girl and all. it just wasn't quite the same...

looking forward to a trip to VA soon and Hilton Head in August!


Heather said...

cailey was talking about her 'fake baptism' on the way funny! when i talked to her about getting baptized at the lake she got upset b/c she wanted to be on the screen telling everyone why she loves Jesus. i told her it wouldn't be until the end of the summer if she did it at the church...we'll see:) we had a great time with yall!!

Andy and Jen said...

You know, I've never heard of alligator attacks during a baptism. He's too cute. I'm glad he's ready.

Transparent Mama said...

I always wanted to be baptized in a lake- how cool! I was baptized in a YMCA pool. No alligators there.

Vonda said...

Oh I love it! Hey practice dunks are fine! How precious! I love what your boys come up with...they are such a hoot!

Katy said...

we had our practice baptism in the pool at the Y!! whatever works, right? And we went to the lake by the dam yesterday....and it made me miss the beach too. the kids had fun, but it was so rocky!!!