Reflections of a Mom's Life

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

more cuteness

i dropped Jackson off at the YMCA yesterday so i could run. my friend Kristine works in the childcare area and was there working.

she told me of two cute things he said while he was outside playing...

he found a little boy that he recognized from church, Quade, and said "hey, i know you from church, my name is Jackson, you want to play with me?"

then he was talking with Kristine about the wind and what a windy day it was and how he wished he had a kite. she reminded him that he DID in fact have a kite, that she got it for him for his birthday. he said, "oh, yeah, me forgot to say thank you for you getting me a kite."

now is he cute or what?? maybe my efforts to train him in manners are starting to pay off. he does have such a love for people and i love that about Jackson.

have i said how much i love this little boy??? :)


Heather said...

that's awesome!! how did that 5 mile go???

Katy said...

you SEE - he's getting it!!!!!! Hooray!

Vonda said...

Wow it's paying off, Beth! He just doesn't want you to know he's getting it. ;) So...that's why you have other people like friends and Mimi who can tell you the cute things Jackson says. Oh what a little social bug...I LOVE IT! That is priceless! And the "me forgot to say thank you" is precious!

Linda Williams said...

Hey that is PROGRESS! At least he remembered that he did not say "thank you".

It reminds me of Vonda when she was little and she would visit her friend, Stephanie and they would do something (go to the movies or Six Flags or something) when she came home I would ask her "Did you thank Mrs. Steele?" She would almost always say, "oops, I forgot" and I would send her back down there to say thank you. She finally got tired of making that trip and Mrs. Steele told me that when she first came in the door she would say "Mrs. Steele, Thank you for whatever we do." That way she could honestly say she said thank you! And without an extra walk down to her house! Ha.