Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, May 18, 2009

playing at the mall

while Janet and the kids were here, we stopped at the mall for lunch and a little playtime. Addison LOVES crawling all over...she feels like she is big stuff! the boys liked entertaining her too. :)


Heather J said...

That's great your mall has the indoor playgrounds too - why on earth doesn't ATLANTA??? ARGH!!!

Vonda said...

There you go rubbing it in that y'all have FREE playgrounds in your malls. I haven't found one here in San Antonio either. Arghhh! And they come in handy I'm sure on a hot or rainy day which let me tell you Texas has many HOT days!

And the pix of Janet and Addison is great! My word Janet looks as beautiful as ever!

Vonda said...

Also not to mention that Columbus, MS does NOT even have a mall...not that I'm bitter about that or anything. Hee hee!