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Monday, June 22, 2009

Addison's 1st Birthday Party - Cont.2

more party pix. mainly for the "book". not trying to overwhelm you. :)

we started off the party with snow cones. i've been wanting a snow cone machine for a couple of years. my friend Laura has one and at her house was the first time i saw one. so much fun and the kids LOVE it. perfect for HOT summer days. the party was my "excuse" to finally get one! :)

aren't the flower balloons adorable! i sent them home with the kids who came to the party.

Addison and Kristine

Kostja and Bella


Katy said...

where'd you get that huge pop up tent in your backyard - what a great idea!!! (oh, and i'm glad you didn't get ALL pink hats so that jackson didn't have to wear pink! i don't think he would have been happy! and a sno-cone machine - that's the BEST!

Vonda said...

Love the flower balloons and y'all just looked like y'all had such a great time! The only problem is that I don't see us in the pictures celebrating with Addison. One of these days...we're gonna make it to a birthday party again.