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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

the RODEO!!!

aren't we a good lookin' bunch! :) i can't believe i haven't posted about this already. i have a good excuse. my camera battery was dead and while these sweet friends, Janet & Erin, sent me their photos the next day...i forgot they were in my email and hadn't downloaded them to my computer. i realized it the other day! oh my was such a fun time and i'm happy to share the pictures almost a month later! we went Tuesday night, May 19th! good grief!

it's a great little rodeo. one exit up from our house. they have it every Tuesday night starting in May and it runs until the fall. Anthony and Mimi took the boys last year after Addison was born and loved it. i was SO excited to join them this time! we went with our good friends the Megilligan's and my singing/running friend Erin and her children. we had such an amazing time! the kids LOVED every minute of it. Harrison and Jackson were thrilled to be wearing their cowboy hats and boots and excited to be rubbing shoulders with REAL cowboys!!!!

the pictures speak for themselves...we had a GREAT time and hope to go back after the weather cools down a bit! man it's hot around here!




can you tell this boy is loving this??? :)

what cuties!

what a fun night out!

the girls petting the pony

Harrison's turn! My little cowboy! Luke, Reece and Austin decided they didn't want to ride.

Addison didn't get to ride but we had to put her up there for a quick photo shoot!

Here they are, ready for the show! Janet had these adorable bandanna's for the kids to wear! they looked SO cute! we were sitting all the way at the top of the bleachers so i was a little worried we may have a kid fall through but they made it. :) when will i ever stop worrying?? :)

Erin & Luke...Luke and Jackson are in the same Sunday school class to together so they are good buds. :)

isn't this a GREAT family photo! you Megilligan's are very photogenic! :)

Leah & Jackson


such a great picture of Austin! what a handsome boy!

here are the kids trying to catch the calf. hilarious! Jackson was in his boot...remember the boot? so he didn't go out with the kids but he was really bummed. next they had the chicken dance and Janet, Erin, & i decided we would go and we took Jackson too. i was worried his boot would be totally gross after being out in that arena but it turned out OK.

trying to keep from falling through the bleachers ourselves

i think Brian must have enjoyed taking all these silly pictures of us. good thing he had that zoom lens! ha ha ha!

after the bull riding, they had the ladies come out with their horses to get ready for the barrel racing. one of the riders brought her horse over for the kids to pet it. they LOVED that!

it was such a fun night!!

hope to do it again before the summer is over!


Janet said...

That night is definitely going down as one of the highlights this spring! You and Erin have such beautiful families and it was a gift to get all of our families together! I'll never forget all of us doing the chicken dance. Wish I could have heard the guys back in the bleachers! :)

Natalie said...

How fun! I have such good memories of us going as kids to the rodeo. I always hated it when they roped those poor little calves though! I love Addison's poncho too. :)

Andy and Jen said...

Looks like fun! Where's your cowboy hat Beth? Next rodeo, I expect to see you all decked out. Every time I hear about a rodeo, I think of Brian McPherson.

Katy said...

how fun is that! i'm going to have to figure out how we can visit on a tuesday so we can see it too!

Vonda said...

Y'all look like you had such a great time! What fun and so glad y'all have such great friends to go out and do things. That picture of Harrison and Addison together is amazing...they look so much alike and Jackson looks like he's a little man on that pony! He looks just so proud of himself!

sarah said...

I need to find a place around here to take my kids to a rodeo- how fun!!!

Linda Williams said...

I am so jealous that I could not be there! That really is a good little rodeo.....and I love the boys hats and those little things around their's not scarves...Now what do they call them? Anyway, I love them!

and I am so proud of you, Beth for going down there and doing the Chicken Dance with your kids! Now...the next time you come to Fl we can do the electric slide together!

Mimi and Papa