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Thursday, June 25, 2009

already destroying the place

she's fitting right in, isn't she! :)


Katy said...

i was worried this post was going to be about Lady! It's a good thing it was sweet little Addison -you won't throw her out! :)

Judy said...

Oh my word that made me laugh because I have seen that exact scene (minus the dog) play out at my house over and over. Except McKenna takes it a step further and takes the curtain rod out of the curtain pocket and then uses it to bang on things. So very annoying!

Jen said...

It's hard to be upset when she's so cute!

Vonda said...

Oh Addison has learned from the BEST...Jackson! She's just keeping her Mama on her toes. But it's hard to be upset with her when she is just a little charm bug.

Linda Williams said...

Yes, this petite, dainty little beauty is gonna give us all a run for our money....Ha!

Mimi and Papa