Reflections of a Mom's Life

Thursday, June 11, 2009

sniff, sniff....

i'm worried my house might smell like "DOG".

it may be my imagination. it may not be. who will tell me the truth?

what can i do to make sure it doesn't! you know how some people's houses SMELL of dog and others don't?

i want to be one of the ones that does NOT smell like DOG!

any tips?


Katy said...

you may have to just get some new plug-ins. i'll tell you if it smells like dog, but i bet it doesn't. get some good smelling stuff going and you'll be fine. silly girl.

Vonda said...

Okay I have a good sniffer so when we come to Raleigh to see y'all I'll be sure to tell you too...Of course in a nice way. Hee hee! But girl if you burn a Yankee Candle I'm sure that will help a lot! The Granny Smith ones are GREAT! They no longer carry them but we just bought tons of them at the outlet store so I'll make sure to bring one to Hilton Head so you can try it! It will smell more like you're baking an apple pie than a dog.

Heather said...

GIRL..I'll tell you then you tell me!!