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Monday, June 22, 2009

Addison's 1st Birthday Party - Cont.

Addison had JUST learned to clap for her Birthday weekend. Perfect timing! :) She LOVES to clap and showed off her new trick for everyone to see!

Her fancy highchair that we decorated. I know, too much! :) I loved it!

Addison and Harrison

Addison and Jackson
Aren't those flower balloons the cutest! I got the idea from my friend Sue's blog. She used the idea for her daughters 1st Birthday party.

standing up like a big girl!

clapping again! :)

i'm so proud to be part of this little family!

our friends Vita and Romeo let us borrow their tent for the yard and it worked out perfectly. it gave some great shade and it was VERY hot that day! it was also very windy for some reason and Mom W. had a TERRIBLE time securing the table cloths. i wish they made plastic table cloths that have elastic...sort of like a fitted sheet. do they make something like that??? it was RIDICULOUS!


Katy said...

your balloons turned out GREAT- and i love the family pics in front of the party scene! and yes, her hairchair is definitely over the top but so darn cute!

Janet said...

You do such a BEAUTIFUL job decorating and making the day so extra special. Just beautiful!

Amanda said...

I need to make the balloons for Lucianna's first birthday! How'd you do that?

Vonda said...

Great tent and great pictures of the kids. Jackson and Harrison look so proud to be holding Addison. Oh I just love it!

Linda Williams said...

I saw some 4th of July decorations at Walmart and guess what.....the table cloths has elastic!

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