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Monday, June 1, 2009

the gate

our neighbors added a gate to their fence to connect our yards. our kids play together so much as it is and i guess we were feeling a little bit lazy about having to walk half a block to get over there or walk through another neighbors yard. :)

it has been awesome! the kids have never played better. they go back and forth between the yards and of course our boys are so excited to use the play set. we love our neighbors and we have agreed many times this was the best thing we could have ever done. even our other neighbors have been able to take a faster route through our yard. we're just one big happy family around here i guess! :)


Linda Williams said...

This is really wonderful in more ways than one....That you have such good neighbors is God given! and that the kids can feel at home in either yard is wonderful....and that they do not mind Lady's poop is another blessing! Ha.

Mimi and Papa

Courtney said...

what a blessing!!!

Vonda said...

Wow you've got to love this! What a blessing to have such great neighbors and I love it that my nephews have such great friends to play with too. Y'all sure are blessed! There is nothing like a great neighbor!

Katy said...

that is the COOLEST!!!