Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, June 26, 2009

hazards of cooking day

tripped over my feet and dropped a full jar of spaghetti sauce. ugh! i'm surprised i didn't just SCREAM out of frustration. that kind of stuff really gets me mad. but i held it together. kept my cool. grabbed my camera and decided to blog about it. why get mad, really? what's that gonna do? right! :)

look, it splattered all the way up the refrigerator door

maybe I should just let the dog come in and lick it up. it seriously crossed my mind. but then again, that's a lot of sauce for one dog to lick up and she may barf if up on my carpet afterward.

i am SO annoyed! off to clean it up...


Judy said...

Yup...don't get mad...just blog about it! I am really starting to feel like blogging is therapy for me :)
At least it wasn't an entire pitcher of lemonade. We've had that happen this summer and I was finding sticky spots weeks later!

Jen said...

That's funny in retrospect. I find myself thinking about blogging opportunities too instead of my initial reaction which is to be totally upset. Like Anna's black marker mouth this morning!

Katy said...

oh good grief - that's obnoxious! At least we buy the BIG plastic containers from BJs (well, Sams now for me....waaaahhh!) - otherwise you'd have glass all over too!!!

Vonda said...

Oh my word...what a mess huh? And I'm impressed that you grabbed your camera...I poured milk all over the counter a couple of days ago and as it ran down the counter down to the floor hitting every cabinet in its path, and I rushed to clean it up. Not sure why we RUSH to clean these things up because it's going to be there in 2 minutes any way right? Well maybe have Lady the dog and I have Carolina Grace who will eat anything off the floor. What 5 second rule?

Jennifer said...

Oh man - that totally stinks!!!!!!! I did that a few weeks back with (hot) bacon grease. I didn't get upset which still baffles me. It went EVERYWHERE (except the kids for some reason that I still can't explain).

Doesn't it seem like that stuff always happens on an already tough day?