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Monday, June 1, 2009

Lady's Home

She's a spoiled little thing, isn't she?
Her previous owner had gotten her used to blankets covering her crate. I didn't like the idea of random blankets being draped over the crate all day. I really wanted her crate to look nice and not to bother me and me not to wish it was gone every time I looked at it. I really am trying to set us up for success over here. :)

I ordered this adorable crate bedding online from Petsmart. I love it. I think she feels like she's something else in her comfy, cozy, fancy, smancy bed! :) and I don't feel like it's an eye sore.


Vonda said...

Oh yea...LADY has made an impact on the Williams family already. What a plush little crate. I'll have to show Ian...he will certainly get a kick out of this.

Linda Williams said...

Now, does my daughter-in-love do things up right, or what! That dog is not gonna even know she is a dog! She is a real hit though....even with me....I have called her Princess more than once (and been corrected by Jackson or Harrison) because she looks so much like Anthony's dog from his childhood.

Mimi and Papa

Judy said...

I can't believe they even make crate bedding, but of course they do! It's cute!