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Monday, June 22, 2009

Addison's 1st Birthday Party - Special visitors brought the cake!

Addison and Mamaw (my mom)

Addison and Nanny (my mom's mom)

Addison and Granddaddy (my mom's dad)

I wanted cakes with polka dots and Nanny did such a GREAT job on them. They could not have been any cuter...or any yummier! :)

the little cake in the center was Addison's. it had one of my Nanny's signature clowns on it . :)

I know it's been almost a month since Addison's party but I knew that I would need to post 500're hoping not, right! :) There are a TON of pictures because my precious Mother-in-love has a very quick finger! I love it that she takes so many but I also knew it would take me a while to get them up on here. So, here is a blast from the past...the birthday party photos. It's fun to relive it, it was a fun day!

My Mom, Nanny, and Granddaddy were able to pop up for the party. I was SO happy they could be here. My Nanny made the cakes and if you have ever tasted one of her cakes you KNOW how incredible they are! I cannot even begin to explain how yummy it is! My neighbors and friends here in Raleigh are STILL talking about those cakes. :) We decided to invite a lot of friends to celebrate with us and just have cake, punch, and munchies. It was special to have these sweet friends with us who have gotten to know Addison from before she was even born. Thank you for celebrating with us! Also, you will see from the pictures that I could hardly contain myself from decorating with more than enough balloons and PINK! I just couldn't help myself. Mom W. and I (mostly Mom W.) blew up over 70 balloons to make the flowers and they turned out SO cute! PINK exploded in our house and I loved it! I am having so much fun with this girl stuff, can you tell? :)


Katy said...

the cakes look SOOOO cute and SOOOO yummy - i hate that i didn't get to eat any of it!! :(

Courtney said...

that was so fun to live through with the pics! i LOVE how you decorated her highchair...and the flower balloons! so fun! AND i loved YOUR dress! :-)

Vonda said...

I want a piece of that cake. Yum Yum! And they are beautiful too!

And girl PINK is the choice color in the Livingston house these days. :) I just know you haven't had a chance to ever celebrate with PINK but hey you now have your chance. For the next 17 years, you can bring out the PINK!

Linda Williams said...

But you did not tell your friends how you and I played a trick on Anthony.....I had blown up so many baloons that I felt, I laid down on the floor and you screamed (I did not realize you were gonna scream that LOUD) and Anthony came running when you said, "Anthony, Anthony, your mom has fainted!" All he said, was "you think she'll be alright?" Here I was out "COLD" but he did not even call 911! You know your son does not love you when he does not call 911!

Mimi and Papa