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Monday, June 22, 2009

Addison's 1st Birthday Party - Eating the cake!

I'm telling you, there are a TON of pictures! :) Here is the cake play by play. She started off a little cautious and then quickly figured out she liked what we were giving her! Such a cutie!

the funniest part was that the kids who were watching her, started helping after a while. she didn't do all that damage herself! :) i think they were getting a little impatient and wanted a piece of cake! don't worry, we gave them some!


Katy said...

i didn't think she'd get anywhere near as messy as jackson did on his first birthday, but she came close i think! hilarious that she started with the clown!

Janet said...

That birthday cake is just amazing. What beautiful pictures -Beth. I've been back to look at them a few times already!

Vonda said...

Oh Addison is just a cutie patootie! The cake from Nanny is beautiful and I love it that the kids got in on the action too. Bless her heart she had to share her 1st Birthday cake. ;) Hee hee!

Linda Williams said...

Didn't we have a wonderful day!
Mimi and Papa