Reflections of a Mom's Life

Friday, April 23, 2010

snack time with 'buddy'

here's what happens when baby girl sneaks away to the guest room with a bag a pretzels for a mid-afternoon snack with her 'buddy' (we call her lovey bunny and she's been saying 'buddy' - - SO CUTE!).

she definitely made sure that 'buddy' had plenty of snack. the whole bag in fact.

and yet somehow it all looks so neat. if one of the boys had done this at her age there would have been pretzels ALL OVER the room!

my little stinker. love that face. love this girl!

at least it was on top of the bed. i'd hate for any of you to come and visit and have the 'crumbs in the bed' kind of feeling when you lay down to sleep. that is the WORST! i actually think the kids rolled around on an air mattress all sandy when Chris & Jessica were here one weekend and i felt horrible that Chris & Cody slept on sandy sheets (Jessica was safe in the real bed)!!! :) isn't that just awful!

i'll get these pretzel crumbs up before Mimi & Papa get here for the weekend... :)


Janet said...

That is hilarious - especially her face! How awesome, though, if this is a reflection of a forever 'neat as a pin' little lady.

the wiedmaiers said...

it must be the third child thing... she and morgan seem like kindred spirits with some of the things they do. thanks for all your comments... pictures are big but not by choice... that's just the way they have been showing up depending upon where i pull them from. oh, it looks like i am heading your way (well, sisters way) may 14-16. i am watching the children on saturday while she attends a baby shower but i don't know what else we have going on yet. probably just a bunch of cousins playing.

Vonda said...

Hee hee! What a hoot! Oh pretzels in the bed never hurt anybody! And hey you know how flexible Mimi and Papa are. :) That look on her face is PRICELESS!

Katy said...

i'll sleep in pretzel crumbs ANY day if it's at your house!!! she's so darn cute!!!!